Kevin Levrone Steroid Test Results Are In!


The test results are in!  The long wait is over and we finally have the official word from Quest Diagnostics on the matter of Kevin Levrone's urine and what metabolites it may contain.  Of course Kevin claims he's "clean"; however, based on what's at stake, he's still decidedly nervous.   Dave Palumbo so adamantly doubted his old friend's word that he, actually, had RX Muscle pay for the drug test!


The test was ordered by bodybuilding physician, Dr. Victor Prisk.  According to Prisk, the screening tested for anabolic steroid metabolites, masking agents, clenbuterol, and epitestosterone-to-testosterone ratios.  The results were actually faxed directly to Dave's house while Kevin was on the phone for his After Hours Radio interview.


To find out if Kevin Levrone really is the new "Natural Freak"-- after gaining 40lb of muscle in 8 weeks-- click on the radio show link and start listening!