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BACK TO THE FUTURE - Whoa. This is heavy.

backtothefutureYou may train for bodybuilding. You can merely participate in Crossfit. Sign up to play Football. For my sport, you must SUBMIT to war within yourself to become STRONG!

WE, as Strong men and women … go to absolute battle within ourselves every single time we don our sacred lifting gear. If you are simply insane enough to strap yourself into a frame holding the back breaking weight of full sizes vehicles: you MUST bare your damned SOUL every single rep to achieve any amount of success.

Let your blood stain and sweat drip. The sport of Strongman DEMANDS that you channel an intensity so EXPLOSIVE that your loved ones, your friends, the steely judge standing in front of you and devout fan cheering next to you, FEARS the outcome for your OWN safety. Let them look away when the visual becomes absurd BUT make no mistake; the weight is now quite literally on your shoulders.

It is now ONLY you whom faces the blunt force and made to overcome its extreme payload.  

 The earth literally quakes when strongman compete and there is ONLY one outcome guaranteed: impossibly visceral PAIN for all involved. As the most exciting strength sport in the world today, STRONGMAN requires the complete evisceration of self preservation. You MUST jeopardize the security of your children and wager that neatly planned future as you empty the 401K and bet the house against the danger of this thing.

No one is safe here.

So. Push your chips to the middle of the table, scream for euphoria when the strain becomes un-bearable and THAT is the moment you go ALL IN! When you cross to other side of the line you will know. There is no other way to describe it.  That exact instance is when you find out who is a man amongst scared boys, who is pretending and who will force their will onto their current predicament to obtain victory becomes quite obvious under real time circumstance.

I’ve found that the BEST athletes are complete, reckless masochists.  They yield an ability to torture every single ounce of energy out of their enslaved bodies through sheer enjoyment of the suffering and nothing more then meager gratitude of accomplishing what mortals view as IMPOSSIBLE.

I cannot tell you how worthwhile yet thankless the upward journey will be for you should you decide to continue on.

Our scarred physiques ache with thickened muscles entwined tightly to tendons and bones strong enough to withstand literal tonnages draped across our backs.  We stand as super humans with fucking refrigerators as capes.  

You CANNOT fake being the strongest person in the room, in your state, in your country or the World. There is only one way to contest who is the hardest, baddest, STRONGEST mother fucker in the realm and your stomach should CHURN at the slow realization of what that entails. The TRUTH to your own strength destiny lies directly beneath you and it looks an awful lot like THAT loaded barbell no one else wants to pick up.

The only way I’ve found to climb to the top of the food chain and become a LION is to put your gumption on the line in the oldest contest known to man: The Sport of Strength.

Show me YOUR resolve when the weight bares down, and I’LL show you who you REALLY are.

Strongman statures look capable enough to run through solid walls. You would be right in deciding that exact thought to be true.

If MMA fighters are made to carry permits as protection against their own fists considered as weapons, Strongman should carry 2 sets of executive keys able to launch a nuclear hailstorm capable of detonating and destroying anything they claim as a viable target.

That may scare you. It really should or someone isn’t doing it right.

Looking to attempt ego suicide by the hands of a seasoned strength athlete?  Go ahead and interrupt their training if you MUST ask for the gentlemen’s strength duel as a true testament to your shrinking courage, BUT be prepared to pay the stinging price of humility with your skin run ragged across deep knurling of dusty bars.

It’s High Noon and your time has come to pay the price if you REALLY want to be the ONE. It’s not hard to find a fight for your life in this sport. You’ll know the real Sheriff of any gym, group or competition by the size of their creviced backs, mountain traps and calloused digits.
THEY are king and you nothing but fodder to their fury.

When and if your time comes to seize the throne there will be a silent passing of the guard acknowledged by low head nods, downward facing eyes and space given to the alpha. The crown of strength CAN be yours should you break every ounce of conscious restraint to receive its ambitious curse. The time honored transition of power from one leader to the next will become YOUR earned right of passage until the fire of a new muscled magnate should arise.

If you want to continue on to true strength, you are going to have to stop pretending and simply take it from someone that has paid a price more treasured than you may currently be willing to venture.  

That choice is yours. But …

By force. By Honor. By Innovation. It’s time to get BACK to our FUTURE and show you what it means to be STRONG.

THIS is the mantra the sport of strength needs to uphold unto itself from now on. A true decree of strict mandate and code of conduct to take back to your crews, your training spots, your boxes, your LA fitness, your air conditioned Gold Gym’s and mirror laden mecca’s of “Fitness.”

You want the title of STRONG?

The days of playing, participating and signing up for the sport needs to be rescinded. The chaosed conquest of trap laden monsters battling each other amongst outlandish feats of strength that SHOULD strike terror in the everyday man’s heart NEEDS to be implemented immediately by executive order.

This IS the barbaric spectacle that muscled gladiators and gorilla backed warriors competing as close to the mortal thresholds of power MUST demand of itself hence forth.

WE MUST stricken ourselves to the same slavery that damned Sisyphus for eternity and accept the reckoning of back breaking labor to endure on and become genuinely awe inspiring.

To solidify our resolve and realize the account of battery personally self inflicted  is the ONLY glory a true Strongman should hope to afford themselves deep within the dungeon of his/her tortured pith.

Coming to THAT conclusion and then REVELING in it’s madness…is when you know you are now one of us.

It’s time we got #BACKtotheFuture. BACK to the future of our SPORT.

BACK to what makes each feat of strength … AMAZING.

“Whoa. This is heavy!”
- M. McFly 


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