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Overall Master's Figure Champ To Receive Pro Card!

teamuSteve Weinberger just called to tell me there's an update to the IFBB Pro Card allotments at this year's Optimum Nutrition NPC Team Universe Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championships and Met-RX National Fitness Championships.  This year's event will be held on September 18-19, 2009 at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, in the best damn city in the world (NYC).





Pariso Pulls Off Victory in Tampa!

bettyTampa, Florida, August 8, 2009:  "What are the judges looking for?"  It's a question that has loomed large for as long as women's bodybuilding events have been contested.  And on Saturday night at the Tampa Performing Arts Center, the final results of the Tampa Pro Bodybuilding Championships left scores of fans and the competitors wondering the same thing.


2009 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro Report!

The 2009 IFBB PDJBW Tamp Pro Under-202 class was perhaps the best 202 class David 2I've seen this season.  It was dominated right from the get-go by a confident David Henry (FULL CONTEST PHOTO GALLERY).  He looked so ungodly, massive, and in such great condition that he could have had his trophy sent to him in the mail and not even bothered showing up.  He looked like someone had taken a 2004 caliber Ronnie Coleman and hit him over the head with a big mallet to knock a half a foot of height out of him (while giving him better abs in the process).  Henry looked thick, dense, and incredibly detailed well beyond the paltry weight limit.  Standing alone he looked like he weighed 240, not 202.  Have I gotten my point across yet?  Seeing David Henry tonight was a treat any bodybuilding fan will take home and remember for years to come.  Yes, he as that good; and I mean that in the most un-schmoey way imaginable.


Kevin Levrone Steroid Test Results Are In!

The test results are in!  The long wait is over and we finally have the official word from Quest Diagnostics on the matter of Kevin Levrone's urine and what metabolites it may contain.  Of course Kevin claims he's "clean"; however, based on what's at stake, he's still decidedly nervous.   Dave Palumbo so adamantly doubted his old friend's word that he, actually, had RX Muscle pay for the drug test!


He's Not a Teenager!

ben2Benjamin Loehrer won the light heavyweight class and overall at the NPC Teen Nationals this past weekend.  It was a great victory; he was massive, ripped, and dominated the competition.  And I'm sure he has a bright future in bodybuilding.  There's only one problem-- he's not a teen.  On the day of the show, July 18th, 2009, he was 20 years old.