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2009 IFBB Atlantic City Friday Night Prejudging Report!

202ClasssThis year's IFBB Atlantic City Pro is no joke.  The prejudging has given us a peek of what's coming tomorrow night and so far, things are shaping up to be very competitive (SEE FULL GALLERY). Today featured the Men's 202, Fitness, Women's Bodybuilding and Master's Figure pre-judging; tomorrow morning (10am) we'll see the Men's Open and Pro Figure pre-judging. The NPC show will then run straight through (starting at 12noon)-- prejudging and finals-- with no break; then right into the evening finals for the pro show.


Ben White Still Insists He's the Strongest!

I've always said, "Bodybuilding lacks smack talk!"   That statement was never more true until Ben White came along.  Now we have plenty.  His latest rant involves statements made last night on a Heavy Muscle Radio special report.  Our guest, Stan Efferding, was lamenting his exclusion from the upcoming World's Strongest Pro Bodybuilder lift-off between Johnnie Jackson and Ben White on Olympia Weekend.  Efferding's rather extemporaneous diatribe revolved around the fact that he is, as far as official powerlifting totals go, the world's strongest pro bodybuilder.


Dave Palumbo: The Interview!

DAVECOLORMOSTAnyone who has ever met Dave Palumbo knows that he's anything but shallow. Having made that statement, let me qualify it by saying that Dave is one of the deepest, most soulful and thought-provoking, guys you'll ever meet. He's got a fantastic sense of humor and he's extremely intelligent.  Knowing all this, I had quite a bit of self-inflicted pressure to ask him all the right questions and to discuss key topics that would, ultimately, paint an accurate picture of the man behind the legend.


John Romano: The Interview!

Romano3Hmmm...I'm going to be honest. When I set out to interview Boss 1 and Boss 2, I opened my mouth before I thought it through. I called John and told him I had this great idea: let me interview the interviewers!

I mean, these two guys are always asking the questions, yet they lead some pretty interesting lives themselves. There's so much to these two that you don't actually get to see or hear about that I wanted to get the personal scoop on these two innovators!


IFBB North America Final Written Report!

It's all over here in beautiful Cleveland, Ohio, as the 2009 IFBB North American Championships have finally concluded.  With pro-cards up for grabs for all genres of both master and open classes, it was a long haul to the end.  As always, promoter Gary Udit and his crew pulled it off without a hitch and should be complimented for the smooth and quick night show. Everyone was given the chance to stand onstage tonight and deservedly so.  You can read what happened here, or you can check out the video wrap up featuring highlights of the top posing routines and overall comparisons.