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All New Muscle Girls Inc. Radio!

Rx Muscle, ALR Industries, and JM Management join forces to bring you the next generation of Muscle Girls Inc Radio!

The obvious hole in our Tuesday night radio programming, as of late, begged for the question to be answered: "What happened to Muscle Girls Inc.?"  Well, let's just say we weren't in a huge hurry to fill the void because this is bodybuilding's brief "off-season".  This Winter anomaly gave us the benefit of shopping around for the most talented and desirable co-hosts available.  And because of our promised commitment to the women's side of the sport, we wanted to elevate Muscle Girls Inc. to a whole new level.


The Danny Devito Invitational!

DEVITOLOGOMarch 1988. Two well-known figures wrap up a half-day of voice work in a Universal Studios post-production studio. It has been a long day finalizing an even longer project.

Danny Devito (as Vincent Benedict): "Money talks and bullshit walks!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Julius Benedict): "How can bullshit walk?"

Technician (over speaker): Okay, got it! Thanks, guys. That's a wrap.


Canadian National Champ, Mike Van Wyck!

WMVW11This past August, Mike Van Wyck entered his first Canadian National Contest and, to the surprise of all the experts, he emerged victorious with a brand new IFBB Pro Card in hand. In fact, in this history-making win, he defeated two heavy "favorites" in the super heavyweight class proving, once again, that sometimes the "darkhorse" competitor can be the most dangerous.  Find out who this mystery man is, where he came from, and what you can expect from him in the upcoming 2010 season.


Rx Muscle Christmas Gift Guide!

09HolidayGiftGuide-1`Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the
house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Everyone was crushed from a high-volume leg training
session earlier that day and, since it was still too soon
for delayed-onset muscle soreness to make every
movement excruciatingly painful, they crashed hard.
There were no visions of sugar plums dancing in their
heads. These dedicated lifters would not waste their
carb intake so frivolously. But, like children of ALL
AGES, these guys were dreaming of what might be
found under their trees.


Unrealized Potential: Before Quadzilla, There was Jeff King!

JKing11It was still the era of Frank Zane, where the beauty if symmetry dominated over competitors possessing beastly mass. To those that felt uninspired by the beach-bodies in vogue, Casey Viator, Tim Belknap and Tom Platz were exalted as unredeemed heroes ¾ always placing well but forced to look on as the likes of Dickerson, Makkawy and Bannout pranced off with the big checks. It was almost as if the meek truly had inherited the Earth.