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Latest News

Phoenix Pro Men's Final Report!

The last class to hit the stage was the open men's bodybuilding and with names like "Marvelous" and the "X-Man" in the mix, this was a first rate show.  In first place, Melvin Anthony delivered today and made the most of his amazing structure.  He finally got his glutes dialed in and it was the perfect complement to his tiny waist and marvelous symmetry.  Always the great performer, Melvin flawlessly displayed his physique and made the most of each pose.  As he exited the stage after pre-judging he looked to Shawn Ray in the crowd and yelled: "How's that for a 40 year old?"  Melvin knew he was on and had the swagger of a champion all day.


Phoenix Pro Fitness and Figure Report!

The first IFBB Pro show of 2010 is in the books, as the inaugural Phoenix Pro set a strong precedent for a great year of competition.  Stryker Solomon and his crew put together a smooth running and enjoyable contest that featured 79 competitors spread out among Men's Open Bodybuilding, Men's Under-202 Bodybuilding, Women's Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Figure.  Leading up to the show, we all had questions as to who was going to show up and if the big names would take the stage in Phoenix,  As it turned out, no class was a disappointment.


2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro Men and Women Bodybuilding Preview!

Toney1The 2010 IFBB season kicks off in Phoenix, Arizona next weekend (Feb. 20) with the IFBB Phoenix Pro promoted by Stryker X (who'll be appearing on Heavy Muscle Radio Monday Feb. 15).  The top athletes in our sport not only get their first opportunity to hit the stage, but also their first opportunity to qualify for the Mr. Olympia.  The show features Men's Bodybuilding, Men's Under-202, Women's Bodybuilding, Figure, and Fitness in what promises to be a great weekend in the warm, dry, air of the Arizona desert.


All New Muscle Girls Inc. Radio!

Rx Muscle, ALR Industries, and JM Management join forces to bring you the next generation of Muscle Girls Inc Radio!

The obvious hole in our Tuesday night radio programming, as of late, begged for the question to be answered: "What happened to Muscle Girls Inc.?"  Well, let's just say we weren't in a huge hurry to fill the void because this is bodybuilding's brief "off-season".  This Winter anomaly gave us the benefit of shopping around for the most talented and desirable co-hosts available.  And because of our promised commitment to the women's side of the sport, we wanted to elevate Muscle Girls Inc. to a whole new level.


The Danny Devito Invitational!

DEVITOLOGOMarch 1988. Two well-known figures wrap up a half-day of voice work in a Universal Studios post-production studio. It has been a long day finalizing an even longer project.

Danny Devito (as Vincent Benedict): "Money talks and bullshit walks!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger (as Julius Benedict): "How can bullshit walk?"

Technician (over speaker): Okay, got it! Thanks, guys. That's a wrap.