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Bama’s Bodybuilding Triple Threat: Simmons, Caporaso, and Howard!

The 2014 bodybuilding season strthtarted with three former Alabama State Champions joining forces with Team SteelWorld founded in 1999 by IFBB Pro Mike Horn and Jan Horn of Mobile, Alabama. The amazing thing is that all three are in the same weight class at 198 lbs. and all three bodybuilders are from one gym, in Mobile, Alabama. The gym is a private personal training center, appropriately called Personal Training & Nutrition, Inc., a facility where no memberships are sold!



Mike Matarazzo Passes at 48!

MatarazzoRIPIt was 1991. He was the lone-wolf, alpha male, with the thick Boston accent who unabashedly taunted the Venice Gold’s Gym contingency of elite amateur bodybuilders; California's best new crop of talent that included the seemingly invincible Flex Wheeler. He let them all know that he was there to stay–like it or not–and he had every intention to "kick all their asses" en route to winning the grandest amateur title in the world, the Mr. USA


Muscular Dystrophy Association gets boost from Lou Ferrigno

louferrignoSanta Barbara, CA (June 25, 2014) Lou Ferrigno continues his support of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) by raising donations at the IFBB/NPC Ferrigno Legacy


RX Muscle Tricky Trivia


Quedghdgh (2)stion #44: What famous author and power lifter was also known as Dr. Squat?






Mens & Womens Physique added to ASF 2015

mensandwomensphysique-thumbThe Arnold Sports Festival will feature IFBB Pro Men's Physique and Women's Physique for the first time in 2015. The stunning Dana Linn Bailey will among those to compete in the first Arnold Pro Women's Physique.


Watch The Fitness View

FitnessViewSlider June10-thumbJoin hosts Nancy Noreman and Gigi Amurao and the ladies of RX Muscle for another exciting episode of The Fitness View!


Big Keith Williams Dials It In 3 Weeks Out

bkw-chicagogo-thumbWhile the mercury plunged, Keith Willliams was planning his next step.  Williams was working out how he was going to bust out of the pack and make a statement on the stage in 2014.

Check out Keith!