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#Believe - You're Both Full Of It

If you want thbelievee truth in bodybuilding, RxMuscle.com is the place to be. I've enjoyed considerable fanfare from my article "Kai's Behavior is Unacceptable." I stand by the fact that the Mr. Olympia is the most important and most respected competition in our sport. For forty-nine years, all of the athletes displayed great respect for its legacy and its integrity. Kai Greene, acting either alone or in cahoots with his guru George Farah, made a mockery of the event, its history, and its future. When NBC airs the footage, the chaos will undeniably hurt the sport and fuel the efforts of its opponents in mainstream culture. 


Greene and Heath’s Fight Was Not Bad for Bodybuilding

The 19th of September… it was finally tkaivsphilime for the annual Mr. Olympia and the competition’s 50th anniversary.

Let’s stick right to the topic of the article – during the press conference the microphone was being passed between some of the dried out faces of the Mr. Olympia athletes. In one of the first interview rounds it was time for the two nemeses, Mr. Kai Greene and the current Mr. Olympia Phil Heath to battle it out in on the mic.


Kai Greene's Behavior is Utterly Unacceptable

kaigreenBodybuilding is the sport we all know and love, and no one loved it more than the Godfather of Modern Bodybuilding, Mr. Joe Weider. Joe launched the magazines, introduced the weight-training systems, and together with his brother Ben, gave us the IFBB. The IFBB, unlike the AAU, considered bodybuilding its chief priority and wanted to spread the sport throughout the world. The Weiders, together with the help of countless others, set in motion a movement that lives strong today. 


Taste Species' Protolyze Pudding at the Olympia!


Now is your chance to get a taste of the best protein pudding on the market.  Just stop by the Species Nutrition booth at the Olympia for FREE samples of Protolyze pudding!


PRESS RELEASE: Arnold Sports Festival 2015 Presents 50 Sports, Adds Kids Fitness EXPO

COLUMBUARNOLDS, Ohio – The Arnold Sports Festival, the largest multi-sport festival in the nation and home of the world-renowned Arnold Classic professional men’s bodybuilding championships, will again present more than 50 sports and events at the annual celebration of health and fitness.


LIVE FROM LAS VEGAS! RxMuscle Olympia TV Schedule

rxtelevisionscheduleLive from Las Vegas!!!  Olympia weekend is here! Join RxMuscle's special pregame show, Iron Debate and live play-by-play from the Olympia!


The Psychological Benefits of Weight Training

“To keep the body in good healpsychth is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Buddha

After a stressful day at work, you are finally back home. Your mind is starting to powerfully re-focus, your stress is reducing, and your adrenalin is slowly starting to rise. Meanwhile your shake is almost ready in the kitchen as the vanilla flavored whey protein is blending with some oatmeal and water. The afternoon’s training session is just minutes away and your desire to wage war in the gym… to lift heavy and intense is starting rise.