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“Now, That’s What I Call Posing!”

Many bodybuilding aficionados have beposingen bemoaning the fact that classical posing has become a thing of the past in most modern-day bodybuilding competitions. The posing round is no longer judged in professional events and, as a result, many competitors don’t put as much time or effort into constructing a posing routine as their predecessors did in the past.


The Best Nationals Winner


In 1985, following that nationalsyear’s NPC Nationals competition, NPC President Jim Manion declared the winner of that show “the best Nationals winner” ever. Taking into account the caliber of the previous winners of the NPC Nationals (Lee Haney, Bob Paris and Mike Christian), this was high praise indeed.


Mention the name Phil Williams today and most bodybuilding fans will not remember this very talented and gifted bodybuilder who seemed to fade from the scene shortly after making an impact. He is truly a case of “what might have been” in the world of bodybuilding.


The Beast from the Cornfields

It happened beastway back in 1980 in the most unlikely of locations. A short, skinny kid with seemingly little potential for bodybuilding stardom emerged from his shell and proceeded to shock the physique world to its core. He made such an impact that he even caught the attention of the most powerful man in the sport, prompting a personal phone call to invite him to the Mecca of Bodybuilding and future stardom.


2014 Mr. Olympia – My Predictions

In stark contrast to the eagerly antihansencipated excitement that accompanied the 2013 Mr. Olympia, this year’s event has snuck up on us with little fanfare or media “buzz”. The ads for this year’s biggest event in bodybuilding have more to do with the 50th Mr. Olympia contest than the actual specific competition.

Last year, the bodybuilding world was extremely excited over the return of four-time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler to the Olympia line-up. After Jay’s remarkable comeback victory in 2009, many of his huge fan base were waiting to see the biggest upset in bodybuilding history as Teacher Jay would put his Student Phil back in his place. Unfortunately, the hype did not live up to reality and Cutler failed to show the mass or dominance that he displayed in 2009 as he limped into the sixth place position.



I Want To Be a Bodybuilder!

There is a hilarious video cartoon floBBERating around YouTube called “I Want To Be a Bodybuilder”. In the four-minute-and-twelve-second animated video, a hapless husband stands nervously in his kitchen, trying to explain to his confused wife that he is changing his lifestyle because he “wants to be a bodybuilder.”

For those of us all too familiar with the bodybuilding and fitness competition lifestyle, we may begin to question how ridiculous our chosen sport/obsession appears after watching a video in which it is explained to a “regular person.” Adding to the humor of the video is the disjointed way in which the husband and wife talk, a computer animated voice level where “bodybuilder” is pronounced “body-BUILder.”



40 Years Ago – Bodybuilding Hits the Big Time

The 10th Mr. Olympia conbbtest was somewhat of a milestone in the history of bodybuilding’s biggest competition due to the emerging media attention it began to attract. In 1974, President Nixon was forced to resign in the wake of the Watergate scandal, Hank Aaron beat the beloved Babe Ruth’s home run record, frustrated motorists waited hours in line to fill up their cars, and streaking was in. The idea of muscles on a man’s body seemed as ridiculous a notion as not being allowed to smoke in a restaurant.

Despite the rampant prejudices imparted toward the strange and misunderstood community of bodybuilders on the part of the general public, Sports Illustrated was intrigued enough about this weird sub-culture to send out one of their ace writers to cover the subject for a substantial ten-page article in their October 14th, 1974 issue.



Defeating Mr. Olympia

olympia“The wolf on the hill is not as hungry as the wolf climbing the hill.”
“That’s true, but when he wants the food, it’s there.”

– Quote from the movie “Pumping Iron”

Since its inception in 1965, there have only been 13 Mr. Olympia winners. It is a very elite company and once you are declared the King of Bodybuilding, it is not easy to be dethroned. In less than three months, Phil Heath will attempt to win his fourth Mr. Olympia title. Vegas money is on him doing it again. What would it take for someone to enter the contest and knock Phil off his throne? Let’s take a look at the history of the Mr. Olympia contest to see some of the more memorable examples of when the reigning champ was defeated by the hungry wolf climbing the hill.



The First Arnold Classic

In 1989, after promoting eight intearnoldclassrnational and professional bodybuilding competitions between them, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer decided to create their own unique competition called the Arnold Classic. When they first began promoting the Mr. Olympia contest in 1976, the Schwarzenegger-Lorimer team totally recreated the contest experience by bringing in top professionals to design the onstage sets and light the stage in a way that had never been done before. The result was an exciting and innovative experience for the audience, one never seen before at a bodybuilding competition.



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