Pedro Gomes - Living the Dream in Macau

pedro3How did you get into the sport of bodybuilding?
Growing up I was always fat and chubby and never saw my abs, so I started the sport of bodybuilding when I was 18 and felt the need of change of a better healthy and fit lifestyle.
My mom provided the college education and gym training (membership & personal training fees) during my stay in the U.S from 2008-2011 so I can build the passion and knowledge of bodybuilding.

What organization do you compete for in China and in what division?
I competed twice in the Macao Bodybuilding Open Championships in 2012 and 2013, both 75KG division, placed 3rd overall.

I know Dave Palumbo has been your prep coach in the past. How did you meet Dave and do you plan on competing again in the future?
I was curious to find out about online coaching services from well known bodybuilders, Dave’s name popped up from most forums and my friend Pavlo recommended me too because he also did a prep coaching service from Dave.I definitely will compete again in the near future as currently I am (sort of) enjoying what I can first before it’s too late. Example: Party, night life, travelling etc

Being a true bodybuilder, do you feel that you will always compete in bodybuilding or could you ever see  yourself on a Mens Physique stage?
Being a true bodybuilder, I see myself in the bodybuilding world more than Mens Physique category because I’m the guy who always love going big and more, but I am also eager to try at least once to compete in the Mens Physique category.

Most people do not know that you are a gym owner. Can you tell the RX Muscle readers how you became the owner of Macao Fitness in Macao, China?
We started as a small supplement store back in 2000, and throughout those 11 years, our family had built a tremendous interest into bodybuilding & fitness.
bvpmacaoWe knew Macau was way behind with healthy, fitness & bodybuilding lifestyle and since a dedicated and experienced people like us, we decided to establish a fitness center on 2011. Our conclusion was to provide, educate, and service people in Macau and around the world about fitness & bodybuilding. 

Macao Fitness was the exclusive sponsor of Bros vs. Pros 19.  Bros vs. Pros 19 was definitely a successful event and an amazing experience not only to Macao Fitness but also the bodybuilding & fitness community in Macau & Hong Kong. 
People here can see the bodybuilding culture brought from the U.S and to learn and educate them with proper knowledge of bodybuilding. This is something we must do again in the near future!

Your gym has rows and rows from floor to ceiling of "Species green" containers in all varieties. How do you determine what products and brands to use in your gym?
Yes we are packed with thousands of tubs of Isolyze displayed here in the gym area along with other Species Nutrition products. We always want to sell the best and most updated products available in the supplement industry here in Macao Fitness, and Species Nutrition is one of them. Many of our members love Isolyze protein because it’s the real deal! It blends well, taste good, and you are getting the most protein out of it!

carI know you have a passion for cars. Can you tell the audience about the newest addition to your car collection?
 I own a 2008 BMW 328, as you can see Johnny Styles posing with my car. 
The latest one I just got is a 2014 Maserati Ghibli – V6 Twin Turbo Engine.  

Most people will probably never have the ability to visit Macao. Can you tell the RX Muscle readers what life like in Macao?
Life here in Macau is very similar to Las Vegas, except much smaller and boring if you were to stay here for a long time.
 It is definitely a more luxury lifestyle as it is one of the top growing cities in the world. Best food, shopping and entertainment everywhere.

Have you ever lived in the United States? Do you travel frequently? If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
Yes, I lived in Seattle back in 2008 to 2009. I was doing my high school diploma in Edmonds Community College.
From 2009 – 2011 I was in East L.A doing my AA degree in East Los Angeles College, but wasn’t able to complete my course due to the opening of Macao Fitness in June 2011.
I definitely travel frequently when I have the chance to; recently I visited Turkey, Bodrum which was by far the most amazing place and experience in my life.
If I could live anywhere, I would pick CALIFORNIA ! I just love the states!

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