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Bios & Interviews

Adam Weinberg: 4 Decades of Bodybuilding


I'm one of these people that is not only a competitor, but I'm a true fan of the sport. I follow the history of it from the Weider brothers - to the present era.


Pedro Gomes - Living the Dream in Macau

pedrogomesGrowing up I was always fat and chubby and never saw my abs, so I started the sport of bodybuilding when I was 18 and felt the need of change of a better healthy and fit lifestyle.


IFBB Pro Dre Dillard Dares to Challenge Greatness

dre-sliderWhen she earned her pro card at the 2013 Masters Nationals after nearly a decade removed from the stage, Dre Dillard came face-to-face with resistance, stared it in the eye, and did what anyone who's ever dared to challenge greatness has done – embrace it.


An Interview With Mike Ely Before The Ferrigno Legacy

The sport of boMIKEdybuilding is quite possibly one of the most demanding sports known to man. Unlike sports based on numbers or knockouts, a bodybuilder has to achieve a look that's impressive to a panel of judges, meanwhile respected by the audience. In addition to a contest prep that can take anywhere from 12 weeks to 16 weeks, some of today's best athletes are also preparing others for competition; this adds to an already overwhelming workload. But the champions always make time to get it all done; there's no room for procrastination- and even less for whining! Everything gets done, everything as planned.




Two-time British Champion James Hollingshead Talks Goals for 2015!

Two-time British Champion James Hollingshead Talks Goals for 2015!


Tell us about how you first became interested in bodybujamesilding?


Bodybuilding was never something I thought about… well, not the competition side of things at least. Don't get me wrong I wanted to obtain the best body but my inspiration was drawn from a cartoon rather than reality. You may have heard of Dragon Ball Z. If not, well, you better had check that out! When you watch an episode of this, you won't even need to ask why it inspired me.




Tony O’Connor: The Ageless Wonder

Bodybuilding is, above all else, about the relentletonyss pursuit of muscle. It’s about waking up every day, staring at the man in the mirror, and daring him to be great. Bodybuilding is about pushing beyond boundaries, climbing over plateaus, and unleashing an all-out assault on limitations as we ascend into uncharted territory both mentally and physically. It’s about defying the odds, and defining our legacy.


Exclusive Interview with IFBB Pro Jeff Long!

Bodybuilding isn’t about the trophies, the money, the fanfare, the magazine, the ads, or the accolades. It’s about waking up day in and day out, staring at the man in the mirror, and daring him to be uncomfortable with being good. It’s about reaching for greatness and then haviJEFFng the audacity to be even greater.

When he turned pro at the 2009 National Championships, many bodybuilding fans thought newly-minted IFBB Pro Jeff Long was going to be great. It wasn’t a matter of if, but a matter of when. Fast forward five years into a pro career that has had its up and downs, and gone through its fair share of trials and tribulations, and it appears that Jeff is finally on the verge of turning the corner towards becoming a dominant force. A force in bodybuilding that we all knew he had the potential to become.

Recently, I had a chance to catch up with one of bodybuilding’s true enigmas and you can read it all right here in this Rx Muscle exclusive interview.



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