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Pro Bodybuilder Eddie Robinson Discusses the Path to Victory!

Pro Bodybuilder Eddie Robinson Discusses the Path to Victory!

Rx Muscle: What woueddield you say you’re most remembered for in your bodybuilding career? Most people know you, but tell us about some of your accolades in the iron world.

ER: I think most people remember me by the eighty- five covers I appeared on during my pro career which gave me tremendous exposure worldwide. And to tell you more about my accolades in the iron world… hmmmm, where do I start?

Let me take you to the beginning of time, I started lifting as a teen when I played football and boxed the Golden Gloves in Akron, Ohio. All through high school I enjoyed pushing heavy weight with the dream to play for Ohio State and hopefully have a pro football career. During that time I focused on strength training and started entering power meets and strong man events, where I set the power lifting platform on fire.



Beyond the Stage with: IFBB pro Marko Savolainen

marko-250x166In the Beyond the Stage segment we will reconnect with some of the legends of bodybuilding and fitness. Many of the athletes that we will interview in this series have made an historical impact in one way or another and should therefore not be forgotten. We want to see where they they are in their life now and also talk about their competitive past and their view on the sports of today. 

From the land of the thousand lakes came a young phenomenon during the middle period of the 90s. I rank him as one of the absolute best IFBB pro bodybuilders coming out of the Nordic countries. Let us present Beyond the Stage with the bodybuilding pride of Finland, Marko “Supermass” Savolainen. 

Marko has left his competitive career behind him and is now instead focusing on different business projects. He is always driven to see what life has to offer him next – and what new ideas and creativity that might follow.


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