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Overcoming the Negative Effects of Dieting with “Deficit Cycling”

When I talk to bodybuilders adefnd others that want to lose fat, or increase muscular definition for competition purposes, I often hear them ask about things like re-feeds and cheat days.

Re-feeds and cheat days are generally defined by the bodybuilding community as days of extra carbohydrates and/or calories over and above typical daily calorie intake. Some people will choose to make this a free-for-all – eating whatever they want for one meal or even all day. On the other hand, some will simply eat the same foods they normally eat, but eat them in greater quantities.



Wide Shoulder Suggestions!

When fully developed, there are few thshouldersings more impressive on the bodybuilder’s physique than well-rounded delts! Many trainees own a pair of big arms, or have nice, thick chests, but is it much more rare to see a couple of “cannonballs” hanging off the clavicles.

Some of the most dramatic physiques of our time are ones that show incredible side delt development. Think about men like Kevin Levrone, Paul Dillett, Gary Strydom, Dennis Wolf and Jay Cutler… or women like Lenda Murray, Iris Kyle and Juliet Bergman. As soon as any of these champions walk (or walked) out on stage and turn to the front, the dramatic proportions of their physiques are immediately evident, and much of this has to do with the width of their shoulders.



Fat Loss Tips and Advice

Are you havinfatg trouble losing weight? You’re not alone in being frustrated when it comes to losing body fat. The main ingredient missing from most people’s fat loss strategy is knowledge. So let’s go ahead and fix that.

First off, you’re going to have to get your diet in order. There are many ways to “skin a cat”, or “shed a pound,” in this case. And I don’t have enough room to get into all of your options here in this column, but what you will want to do is start keeping track of your macronutrients: protein, fat and carbohydrates. It sounds daunting at first, but once you start paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth, you’ll soon see that scale start to move. Check out my “Shock & Awe” training, diet and supplement plan on my blog (www.agarmt.com/blog). It doesn’t matter if you compete or not, the information there applies to everyone. It will give you all the info you need on setting up your meal plan, whether your goal be shedding fat or gaining mass.



Hate Cardio? Try Specialized Weight Training to Melt Away Fat!

For those of us wweight-trainho love to lift weights, cardio training is often an excruciatingly boring endeavor. Whether it is HIIT, steady state, or anything in between, when it is time to jump on the treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical the majority of us iron warriors cringe in disgust. But isn’t it this very type of mundane cardio that allows us to most efficiently burn off body fat and reveal the details of our hard earned muscles underneath? Not necessarily! Utilized correctly, the same BB’s, DB’s and machines we use to induce hypertrophy can also be extremely effective tools for melting fat like butter in a flame! The keys lie in choosing the right exercises, incorporating the proper rep range, and arranging your workouts in a manner that encourages the body to tap into body fat for energy.


Should Men and Women Train the Same Way? Why Not?


It always baffles me why some (retrainad most) people believe that men and women should train differently. “Guys should train 6-8 reps and mostly with weights, hitting bench and squats, while girls should stick to higher reps and exercises like cable cross-overs and lunges.” I say, that’s complete B.S.


Anatomically speaking men and women are very similar. We have bones, skeletal muscle and many of the same organs. Our bodies process food in the same manner and our skin reacts the same way to the sun. When it comes to bodybuilding (which covers all manners of physique transformation involving weight training), the biggest difference between men and women is testosterone. Testosterone is the anabolic hormone that allows men to build superior muscle mass to that of our sisters



Tips to a Successful Gaining / Bulking Diet


writingchallengebob-250Even though the summer is upon us, not everyone is getting beach ready, not everyone is trying to shed a few pounds on the beach, there are still going to be those who are trying to add some size and fill out their frame.





Wheels of Steel with 2014 NPC Pittsburgh Champ Jason Janov

wheelsofsteel-thumbAt the 2014 NPC Pittsburgh Championships, Jason Janov brought his mass construction project to the stage and was rewarded with the Heavyweight and Overall titles for his efforts. The Pittsburgh native rocked the house...


Kevin Ofurum Destroys Delts: Rx Muscle Exclusive

kevin1Summer is finally here and that means gym rats everywhere are ditching their smelly sweat-soaked hoodies in favor of short sleeves to show off what they’ve been busy building over what seemed to be a never-ending winter.


Lighter Load Training for Strength and Muscle Hypertrophy

NatabsLighter Load Training for Strength and Muscle Hypertrophy

By Vic Tringali M.S. CSCS

Intensity or “load” in the context of research is defined as a percentage of 1 repetition max (RM) and represents the number of repetitions that can be performed with a given weight or resistance. Intensity has been shown to impact muscle hypertrophy and is a significantly important variable in a resistance training protocol.


Good Rice, Bad Rice (Brown vs. White)

good badGood Rice, Bad Rice (Brown vs. White)


For years, the fitness industry has demonized white rice, labeling brown rice as the “clean, healthy, good one”, while white rice is “dirty, unhealthy and bad”.

Many will claim that if you’re trying to lose fat, build muscle, prevent fat accumulation, or improve performance brown rice is the better choice and white rice should be avoided for a myriad of reasons.