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Team GAT's "Adenoflex" Works... Science Says So!




Few post-workout products have been properly investigated in finished commercial form. This study was carried out in order to determine the short term (14 days) effects of Adenoflex® (World Health Products, LLC; Stamford, CT) on hematocrit levels and measures of muscular endurance.


The Egg Files

577971  broken-eggs-with-egg-yolk p (2)The Egg Files

The first thing that comes to mind when athletes think of eggs is mainly that they are a good high quality protein source. But not so very often are vitamins and minerals mentioned. And then there is the cholesterol issue. Is there a possible danger for my health?


Resistance Leads to Growth in Many Ways!

HardworkResistance Leads to Growth in Many Ways!

Resistance is defined as the opposition offered by one thing to another. In bodybuilding, resistance isn’t something we’re supposed to run away from. In fact, embracing resistance is critical to our success. It’s resistance training that makes us who we are. Resistance is our catalyst for change. The physiological adaptation to resistance training is what triggers hypertrophy, and what transforms a former Division-1 point guard with no chance of ever sniffing an NBA roster into a three-time Mr. Olympia. 


Creatine, Mean or Clean To Your System?

053f4a385a238258b8a88da68c772e42Creatine, Mean or Clean To Your System?


Over the past decades, one legal performance product has been standing strong in the streams of coming and going enhancement supplements. Its popularity has really never faded away and it´s used by many athletes – both men and women – in various kinds of sports. However, there is controversy in literature concerning the possible side effects of creatine. 


360Cut Performance Supplements

360Cut Performance Supplements


Powered by Passion. Fueled by Science.
We think quality sports nutrition should be simple.

It’s not about the glitz, the hype or the incredible claims. It’s research. It’s results. It’s the lean, fit bodies that come from using the right fuel at the right time.

That’s why we started 360Cut™ – to help athletes sort through the far-fetched label claims and flashy advertising to find high quality, effective sports nutrition products. We work with the country’s top formulators and manufacturers to develop innovative products using only the finest quality raw ingredients in every product. From 360Pre™ all the way to 360Dreams™, our complete approach to sports nutrition provides our customers the nutrition they need to perform at their best. All day. Every day.


5 Common “Peak Week” Mistakes

peak week5 Common “Peak Week” Mistakes


It’s that time again, your last week of training before your big show. Your last few days have been less than amazing and short-lived due to low calorie intake and low glycogen stores. Your goal as always is to try and get your backside to be as equally in shape as your front side.


Supplement Store Sit-Com

Cray-front-page-articleSupplement Store Sit-Com


I figured most people would go the traditional route and write scientific articles. I thought I would come from a more humorous parody angle to give a little variation. Maybe a little risqué for mainstream reading but it was fun to write ;) and I'm sure some of the more immature among us will find it entertaining.


Introducing Team Provo LLC

Introducing Team Provo LLC 


Team Provo LLC is a full service diet coaching/contest prep business. Trying to improve upon your last showing at a bodybuilding, mens physique, figure, bikini, or womens physique contest? Trying to increase lean muscle tissue without unnecessary fat gain? Trying to cut down for the summer? Team Provo can happily service all those needs.




Overtraining Will Kill Your Gains

p[ip[iop[Overtraining Will Kill Your Gains

By Chris Aceto

Here is a secret in my contest prep. I work with nut jobs. I am serious. A lot of  “my” success with bodybuilders is due to the type of company I keep. I seem to attract obsessive compulsive, super-crazy, hard-training individuals who make my job easy. 



Understanding the Glycemic Index

donutUnderstanding the Glycemic Index



The body must convert the starches and sugars in foods into blood glucose to meet basic energy needs. “Glycemic index” (GI) is the term commonly used to describe how fast the body breaks down starches and sugars after a particular food or beverage is consumed.