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2009 Arnold Sports Festival Preview

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it."
                                                                     - Raymond Chandler


Dave Palumbo, the Whack Pack, and me together with an assortment of tight and toned bodies are descending upon Columbus, Ohio in the next couple of days to do what we envision will be the most hardcore exercise in history.  Barely a month into its genesis, Rx Muscle-- in conjunction with Species Nutrition-- will set up shop among industry regulars who have been covering the Arnold, in some cases, for decades.  The degree to which our rag-tag assemblage will prevail in bringing our loyal members a unique perspective of the 21st Arnold Classic will be due, in large part, to our attitude.  Because we're like you, we know what you want and we know you'll like what you get.  This is the first Arnold Classic where Dave and I get to do what we really like- entertaining your asses off!  So, if you're one of the many not attending this year, all you'll need is an internet hook-up and it'll be just like you're there.  


For those who are going, the Species booth will be home base.  Everyone who is anyone in this biz will be either stationed or stopping by booth location #519, 521, and 523 throughout the weekend offering those in attendance an opportunity to personally get to know some of the images and voices you have come to know on RxMuscle.com.


Step up and meet IFBB pro bodybuilders Martin Kjellstrom, Dena Westerfield, Isabelle Turell, Colette Nelson, Mimi Jabalee, Irene Andersen, Fabi Antoine, Athena Siganakis, Guy Cisternino, Carlo Filippone, and upcoming International superstar bodybuilder, Mavi Gioia; IFBB pro figure girls Julie Ann Kulla, Arina Manta, Catherine Holland; NPC national level bodybuilders Britt Miller, Melissa Detwiller, Jennifer Cowan, Glenda Bozett, P.J. Braun, and Chris Jalali; International Figure and Mafia princess Christina Tucci; NPC national level fitness competitor Lena S; and NPC national level figure champ, Kat Ramirez; and, of course, RX Muscle Bosses 1 & 2-- Dave Palumbo and John Romano along with RX Muscle Place vice-guru Sean Andros.  Not to be forgotten, the famous Smalley Brothers-Mr. G and Bobby Smalls-will be wandering the expo hall giving out exclusive Rx Muscle tee-shirts for the lucky few who can prove themselves worthy.


Also, you won't want to miss a special guest appearance on Saturday and Sunday afternoon by WWE World Champion, "The Game", Triple H who'll be giving away free autographed 8 x 10s.  Triple H will also be presenting a charity check at the Jason Dhir After Party at Club MOMA on Saturday night after the men's finals.  According to my inside sources, this after-party will be the craziest yet!


For those on their keyboards this weekend, make sure you pay special attention to the RX Muscle forums for our LIVE Play-by-Play of the women's bodybuilding, fitness, and figure prejudging starting Saturday from 12 noon till 3:00 PM. Then on Saturday, make sure to catch the men's prejudging Play-by-Play (with Dave, Triple H, and me) starting at 12 noon.  And don't miss our up-to-the-second results play-by-play of the evening finals starting at 7:00 PM (EST).


Throughout the weekend look for up-to0the minute paparazzi updates- who's fighting with who, who's loving who, who's causing the most controversy (probably us).... Also, don't miss our daily blogs complete with photos and video interviews that will chronicle what promises to be one of the most hotly anticipated Arnold Classic weekends in history. From the insane expo, the contests, the mad dashes to eat at expensive steak houses in Frankie's limo, and the after-parties with The Whack Pack, RX Muscle will bring it all to you as it happens.  We promise!  


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