#Fitspire Of The Week: Marissa Rivero

#Fitspire Of The Week: Marissa Rivero

What gives Image 9someone the right to consider themselves a successful fitness model or personality in the industry? Is it the amount of covers one can land because of their physique?  Could it be how many sponsors they are able to grab to help support them? Or is it the amount of money one can make between different modeling/ fitness gigs? 

Everyone will tell you something different, but if there is one thing that is hard to disagree with, it’s the ability to promote and market yourself to others.  Social media has begun to play a huge role in self-marketing as an athlete, competitor, fitness model or personality in the Industry. These days, you don't need a modeling agency to help promote you, or a company to take you on as a sponsored athlete in order for you to be seen in the industry.  

Someone who once could have been just an average fit person, now has the ability to transform themselves into a “Social Media Fitness Star!”  If you put in the time, the effort, and truly have a passion for fitness, you can change yourself from just a face with a body, to a bona fide personality – someone able to inspire and motivate others on their own fitness journey! 

Marissa Rivero, age 24, and hailing from Miami, Florida, is proof that if you put in the time, effort, hard work in the gym AND the kitchen, and use social media as a tool to self-promote, you can turn your average health/fit lifestyle into a network that reaches out to endless amounts of people who want to take the time out to follow your journey.


Q: When did you get started on your fitness career/journey? What made you want become more than just the average person living a healthy and fit lifestyle? 

A: Growing up my father was very active, always in the gym and eating healthy. He instilled this work ethic into my life. The first time I decided I wanted to compete was because of my coach Ingrid Romero. I was blown away by her physique. It gave me the motivation to get in the gym and pursue a competition. 


Q: Do you consider this as your part/full time job or a hobby?

A: Working out and getting in shape is a full time job. I take it very serious. If I'm not giving it my all, I'm not doing my job, period!


Q: There are many people that motivate anImage 11d are inspired by you. How does that make you feel knowing that there are people who take the time to see what you are doing day to day?

A: It's extremely flattering and it makes me want to work harder! People inspire me right back. Knowing they are pushing themselves because of me makes me want to do better and to be better! 


Q: Is there anyone who has motivated or inspired you to become the person you are today?

A: I would not be where I am today if it wasn't  for my two coaches, Ingrid and Joe, who from the very beginning of my fitness journey believed in me.


Q: How does your family feel about your lifestyle? What would you say to someone whose family does not support their lifestyle?

A: My family has always shown me support. They believe in my goals and my dreams and ultimately help me pursue them. Whether you have the support system or not, it should never stop you from doing what you love or accomplishing whatever goals you may have. It's your life – live it! 


Q: Of all the social media outlImage 13ets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), what do you think is the most effective to use in order to market yourself in this industry?

A: The best form of marketing right now would be Instagram. The hype of Facebook and Twitter are dwindling away. 


Q: What is your diet like? Do you eat clean all year round? 

A: I try to stay close to what I would during my competition all the time, but have about 2/3 cheat meals a week when I'm not dieting for a show. 


Q: What is your favorite cheat meal? How do you control yourself from going overboard when you decide to treat yourself?

A: My favorite cheat meal, hands down is pizza! If I'm going to have a cheat meal, I'm gonna eat until I can't anymore. What's the point if you have to hold back? Haha 


Q: Do you take any supplements? What do you think is one of the most important supplements someone should take who is training constantly?

A: I love supplements! I do stick to the basics – whey protein, glutamine, pre-workout, and amino acids. 


Q: What’s your social media/contact information?

A: Instagram: marissabishhhh

Facebook: marissa109 

Twitter: marissa109 


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