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Duration Show/Segment Description
90 min The Fitness View      watch-now-button
Nancy Noreman, Gigi Amurao, Monique Jones, Ariella Palumbo, and Linda Wood-Hoyte discuss the latest in fitness, bodybuilding, and current events.
51 min NPC Connecticut Posing Workshop with Kenny Wallach Kenny Wallach's workshop from the 2014 NPC in Connecticut.
5:13:00 IFBB Pose Down at the 2013 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic Look back at a seminal moment from the 2013 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic.
14:07:00 RX at the Arnold : Cedric McMillan After Placing 3rd at the Arnold RxMuscle.com's Dave Palumbo catches up with Cedric McMillan after he placed 3rd at the Arnold Classic.
3:35:00 Rx at the Arnold : Palumbo with Ronnie Coleman   watch-now-button
RxMuscle.com's Dave Palumbo with Ronnie Coleman at the 2014 IFBB Australia Grand Prix.
5:58:00 Candice Keene with Dave Palumbo at the 2014 IFBB Australian Grand Prix RxMuscle.com's Dave Palumbo speaks to IFBB Figure Pro Candice Keene down under in Australia.
6:29:00 Rx at the Arnold : Dave Palumbo with Dana Linn Bailey RxMuscle.com's Dave Palumbo with IFBB Physique Pro Dana Linn Bailey at the 2014 Arnold Classic.
7:35:00 Rx at the Arnold : Dave Palumbo with Rich Piana RxMuscle.com's Dave Palumbo with bodybuilding pro Rich Piana at the 2014 Arnold Classic.
90:00:00 Heavy Muscle TV Hosted by RxMuscle.com's Dave Palumbo, featuring Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia, Ron Noreman, Arielle Palumbo, Bostin Loyd, Monique Jones, Eugene Mishin, Lena Squarciafico, and a surprise guest.
14:06:00 Dave Palumbo at the Santa Monica Pier RxMuscle.com's Dave Palumbo touring the scenic and entertaining Santa Monica Pier.
9:00:00 Rx at the Arnold : Dave Palumbo with Mark Henry and Monique Jones RxMuscle.com's Dave Palumbo with IFBB Pro Monique Jones and WWE Wrestler Mark Henry at the 2014 Arnold Classic.
105:00:00 Behind the Muscle with Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia A behind-the-scenes look at the life of the accomplished (and talented) Jimmy "The Iron Bull" Pellechia.
9:00:00 Species Booth at the Arnold Fun times with Dave Palumbo and the Species crew at the 2014 Arnold Classic.
10:00:00 In the Iron Asylum with Lee Banks Featuring IFBB Pro Lee Banks.
7:00:00 In the Iron Asylum with Fred "Biggie" Smalls Featuring IFBB Fred "Biggie" Smalls
140:00:00 Bros vs. Pros 20, from Brooklyn NY The 20th installment, from Otoms Gym in Brooklyn, NY.
7:00:00 Rx at the Arnold : Dave Palumbo with Kevin Levrone at the 2014 Arnold Classic RxMuscle.com's Dave Palumbo with IFBB legend Kevin Levrone at the 2014 Arnold Classic.
40:00:00 2014 International Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony From the Veterans Memorial in Columbus Ohio, featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger
24:00:00 2014 Arnold Classic Wrap Up RxMuscle.com's Dave Palumbo, Chris Aceto, and Tad Inoue discuss the 2014 Arnold Classic.
50:00:00 RxMuscle Presents : In The Iron Asylum RxMuscle's workout program, featuring AJ Roberts, Dani Reardon, Fred "Biggie" Smalls, Jill Rudison, Rachelle DeJean, and Sasha Brown.

RX TV Instant Replay: Bros V Pros 18 Highlights

Adam Big Country Scherr after his injury at the ASC

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Adam Big Country Scherr came in bigger, leaner and stronger than even he imagined to the 2013 Arnold Strongman Classic. Unfortunately he was one of several athletes to suffer a bicep injury in the Stone Over bar event and he chose to sit out the big show instead of risking greqter injury. Adam talks about his injury and his upcoming deal with the WWE.