Elitelabs Muscle Mass Gainer - Double Rich Chocolate Product Review

Elitelabs Muscle Mass Gainer - Double Rich Chocolate Product Review


 The Biggest Muscle Mass Gaining product out on the block.... Srs... 

Look how big this thing is... makes a 4lb tub look like a cookie jar.


Taste: 10/10

20lb is a big commitment, so you would hope to god that this product is going to taste good...

I can tell you now that, Elitelabs Muscle Mass Gainer, will not disappoint. Double dark chocolate is an absolute delight. True to its name, it is rich in Coco, and has a superb chocolate taste.

I have tried samples of IA Hard Mass, and the Myofusion Real Mass, but they ain't got nothing on flavour compared to this one. Dat dere is premium quality.

If you liked the taste of Hyperwhey Chocolate Supreme, this is very similar, a tad bit sweeter and thicker. You would love this.

Consistency/mix ability: 9/10

Mixes reasonably well for a mass gainer. 2 scoops to around 600ml of water. Consistency is perfect, no dry clumps or floaties, may have some Coco left over at the end (see pic)

 Viscosity is slightly thicker than hyper whey. IMO not as thick as the Myofusion Real mass or IA hard mass. I would recommend using a spring ball with the shaker, if you don’t have one, Ice cubes will suffice.


I usually do 2 scoops post work out, and two scoops either around mid-afternoon (3pm) or either just before bed.

 In this case, I did two scoops plus double shot Nespresso Coffee. Chocolate Mocha STIMGAINER anyone?

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 Formula: 9/10

Suggested serving size is 4 scoops which equates to around 255g.

The formula is cleaner and leaner, compared to some of the other competitors out there.

Product comparison:

Elite labs Muscle Mass gainer 20lb @ $194

Myofusion Real Mass Probiotic 12lb @ $138

Inner Armour Hard Mass 15lb @ $129

Pharm freak Mass Freak 15lb @ $149

Elitelabs Muscle Mass gainer:

Over 1,000 Mass Building Calories

60 grams of Platinum Pro Time Released Protein

174-215 grams of Platinum CarboClean

Over 5 grams of Pharma Grade BCAA's

Over 5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate

Over 27 Grams of Pure Amino Acids

Over 27 grams of pure L-Glycine

Essential Fatty Acids, CLA & MCTs

18 key Vitamins & Minerals

0 Trans Fats

Added Glutamine to Improv Recovery

100mg of EliteZyme Lactase enyzme



Myofusion Real Mass Probiotic:

1 serving @ 5 scoops @ 16 servings per 12lb bag

1230 Cals

Cals from fat 30g

Total fat 3.5g

Cholesterol 35mg

Sodium 410mg

Pottasium 1300mg

Total carbs 250g

Sugars 10g

Protein 50g

 Inner Armour Hard Mass:

1 Serving @ 4 scoops @ 20 servings per 15lb bag

1277 Cal

Total fat 5g

Cholestorol 47.2mg

Sodium 0.6 mg

Potassium 746mg

Total cabs 258g

Sugars 50.2g

Protein 50g

Mass Freak

1 Serving @ 4 scoops @ 27 serving per 15lb

950 cal

Total fat 4g

Cholesterol 120 mg

Sodium 590mg

Potassium 178g

Total carbs 178g

Sugar 59g

Protein 50g

It was great getting a few samples of mass gainers with my purchases from Xplosiv’s.  It allowed me to test how my body reacted to each product, before I made my final decision.

From the sample of IA Hard Mass, my body did not fully agree, I had bloats and made me gassy, however I did like the taste and consistency wasn't too bad.

With Myofusion Real Mass, it went down quite well; still a little bloating, but I did not enjoy the taste/consistency as much as the IA.

However, with this product I took a long shot, and after reading Hiro’s review, I was quite convinced that this was the right product for me. I really liked the macro profile, and If it tasted anything like Hyper Whey I knew I was IN.

So far I have not had any stomach upsets, and no bloats unless I mix with milk. It also does not feel as filling as some of the other gainers out there.

Overall: 9/10

 I am very happy with this product at the moment; the profile is spot on, and looks cleaner and leaner to some of the competitor out there.

 I am not a hard gainer, but I defiantly feel that I lack the calories due to busy lifestyle. So I am not religiously taking this to mega bulk, but using this to assist my calorie uptake to around 3500 cal per day.

The only down side I see to this product is the price. Premium indeed, it took me a wee while to try and save up for this. I was almost tempted to purchase Hard Mass on special, despite my body not agreeing.  But I am glad I chose this product.

IMO it pays to buy premium sometimes, especially if you are going to commit to it for a long time, there is nothing worse than taking supplements that you despise, but doing it because you have paid for it.

I will continue to take this over the next month or so, and report back, hopefully with some gains!


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