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Muscle Girls Inc (04/15/14) : This Weeks Special Guest Men’s Physique Olympia Champion Mark Anthony

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Join us this week for another great and inspiring Muscle Girls Inc. with your hosts Adela Garcia and Stacey Alexander. This week we give you education to keep your metabolism in top shape to keep burning more calories. We discuss 8 Habits that are Messing with Your Metabolism and 

a few little tweaks to help you avoid your metabolism to crash.  

Also joining us is our current Men’s Physique Olympia Champion Mark Anthony. Mark has an amazing story to share with us. He share his journey on making history and continuing to be a great ambassador of such a distinguish division.

Don’t miss the crazy latinas every week, here on Muscle Girls Inc.




Muscle Girls Inc (04/08/14) : This Weeks Special Guest Yeshaira Robles.

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Don't miss out on another exciting episode of MGI. Our topic for this show is "Healthy Relationships.  Make sure you listen in as we tell you 5 ways to keep your relationship on point!
Welcome Yeshaira Robles to MGI!!! She is beautiful inside and out! She's and FMG and MPH Athlete, she was born and raised in the Bronx, New York and her Parents are from Puerto Rico.
She tells us how her dream was to become an actress so she started filming independent films, commercials and tons of music videos (lead roles) and how she got into competing. 
 She ended her season placing 2end at the 2013 Bikini Olympia and started 2014 with a 2end place finish at the Bikini International.  Find out whats next on her agenda and some of her favorite glute exercises.  




Muscle Girls Inc (04/01/14) : Special Guest men’s physique athlete Jason Poston

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This week on MGI Adela Garcia and Stacey Alexander discuss 13 ways to melt off fat today!! Boost your fat-burning potential with these helpful tips and tricks. 
Our guest this week has an amazing story to share with us. He has been a gym rat and trainer since he graduated from high school.  After training a few female bodybuilders to compete, he got the urge to put is physique to the ultimate test by entering a fitness model contest where he won among 100 other guys. Years later after the contest, he got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. He made a decision to overcome this setback and keep pushing to improve his health and physique.  Last year he made history by being one of the first men’s physique athlete to step on stage at the first Men’s Physique Olympia walking away with 5th place.  Please welcome Jason Poston to Muscle Girls Inc.




Muscle Girls Inc (03/18/14) : Special Guest Figure Super Star Heather Dees

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This week on Muscle Girls Inc. Adela Garcia and special Guest Co-Host J.M Manion bring you an exciting interview with Figure Super Star Heather Dees. Heather Dees talks about her next move and her plans to walk away with top honors at her next show.
J.M Manion and Adela discuss the Arnold Classic Fitness, Figure, and Bikini placings and some exciting facts about the top 6 in each division. 
This is a great episode for Fitness Athlete as we discuss the use of prop on stage and the best way to showcase a routine that is going to put you on top of your game.
Listen carefully and enjoy this great episode with tons of information about our industry.




Muscle Girls Inc (03/11/14) : Special Guest Co-Host Jennifer Dawn welcome IFBB Figure star Candice Lewis

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Join us on another episode of Muscle Girls Inc. With the amazing Bikini Diva Jennifer Dawn as my Guest Co-host!!!! We discuss our Arnold Classic experience working at the BetterBodies/Gasp booth and the exciting competition from the best athletes in our industry.  If you deal with pain and inflammation this episode will provide you with 12 Easy Ways to Reduce them without pills, just a natural way to take care of your sexy body!!!
Also joining us is the incredible Candice Lewis, who just continue to make a name for herself as one of the top IFBB Figure star.  She shares her training style and how she continues to mold her physique to be a top contender at the Fitness Olympia in September!!
Another episode you do not want to miss!!!!




Muscle Girls Inc (02/25/14) : Special Guest J.M. Manion to Muscle Girls Inc

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Don’t miss this amazing episode of Muscle Girls Inc.. It is Arnold Classic week and we are honored to have J.M. Manion as our special guest. J.M. Manion works for NPC News, Muscle & Fitness, Flex Magazine, Owner of J.M. Manion Productions, and Founder of Fitness Management Group.
J.M. Manion shares his experience in the sport and the history behind the Arnold Classic.  He gave us a break down on each division competing at the Classic this weekend and all the events you do not want to miss while you are in Columbus.
Be ready for another amazing Arnold Classic Weekend and make sure to bring your winter clothe.  It is going to be cold weekend, but with a lot of excitement you do not want to miss!!!





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