“Either your dream overcomes your fear or you fear overcomes your dream.” IMG_3894tagged

It’s been 12 years since I started this fitness quest for my “dream”. 4380 days of lugging around a cooler, everywhere I went .Roughly 1460 leg days of squatting till I fell over and got sick. A long, hard, unpaved road full of full of ups and downs, speed bumps, forks, and many twists and turns. But, at last I am here! I have made it! Beat the odds…and the best part is, this is just the beginning!!!


I wanted to share with all of you a few techniques I use to stay motivated, not just stay motivated but make it have a snow ball effect. I do a lot of visualization. For 12 weeks every night before the Jr. USA’s. I visualized winning my Pro Card and doing a post interview with Dave Palumbo. Low and behold that is exactly what happened! Now, I’m obviously not going to sit here and tell you if you do this with something it will happen. But, it has been my personal experience that it happens more times than not. This is something I truly believe in and will continue to do throughout my career as well as in my life.


Making negative positive and keeping positive, positive is also something I have used throughout the years. What I mean by this is I take anything negative in my life, anything from a rough break up to working a job I disliked. I would take this negative energy, filter it so it’s now just energy, walk in that gym, put the hat low, crank up the headphones and get lost in the mind to muscle connection. I think about what’s really bothering me, pull the energy from that, focus it into a single beam of concentrated energy and then visualize that traveling through my body and then stays and burns the muscle I was focusing it on. My mind and body become one. Keeping positive is much easier, after my resent entrance into the IFBB…my workouts have been unreal! All I think about is the future, the journey to get there, and the many great people along the way!


These theories I have posted above have been great for me. I ask you to try them for yourself, let me know what you think.


Also wanted to mention that I look forward to competing in the IFBB next year with all of the amazing Men’s Physique competitors that will turn Pro this summer. I have a pretty good idea of who I will be going up against and I am very excited and honored to compete against such top notch competition!

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