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Well… It is that time of the year again; Graduation SeasonIMG_5900 and with Graduations upon us it is a perfect time for a bit of reflection and anticipation for what the future holds! If you were to give one piece of advice to a new Graduate, what would it be? Well… Mine simply would be to always remain True to yourself and your ideals, to never let anybody tell you how you should live your life, and that the biggest mistake you will ever make is to not follow your Dreams!


This last weekend was my sister Ashley’s graduation from College and as I sat in the stands of the Stadium I had been at hundreds of times before, I couldn’t help but reflect on all the experiences, but I also had an overwhelming feeling that something was different! You see, since I can remember, this Stadium has always been special to me; I remember going as a small child to see all of my favorite local athletes play and dreaming of running on that Field! I think back to how I felt like the biggest star in the world when my Middle School Football Team made it to the Super Bowl and we got to play “Under the Lights!” I remember the first time that I came to workout at the track and how it felt to push through the pain! Such an amazing feeling to recall all of the times I got to play for my Hometown Fans in High School and to walk on that Field for the Coin Toss as a Team Captain! I remember all of the missed plays and errors that I made and I remember my Dad telling me that I would never forget the failures, I also remember not believing him at the time! I can recall the feeling like it was yesterday the first time that I stepped on the Field as a College Athlete and how proud I felt to once again be home! Of course I remember just a few days prior; doing a Team 970Muscle Track Workout at 5am in the Rain and loving every minute of it, because I knew my competition was dry and in bed! I remember the first time I got my sister out of bed before school to take her to run stairs to prepare her for Track, I also remember her puking that very same morning, sorry Ash :) So fitting that as I sat in the stands on her and many other recent Graduates special day that it would be here, at the Field! Not long ago I walked the same walk to the podium to receive my College Degree; I just didn’t realize at the time how symbolic it was!

Graduation is an amazing thing; you close the door on one chapter of your life and begin to walk down the hallway to the next, there are many doors to choose from and ultimately the decision is all yours! Many people will try to convince you of what door to open or explain how one is locked, the real test is to realize that you have the key to your door and you always have! When you do the things in Life that you Love, that’s not work, that’s Living! When you Live your Life, you will always be Blessed with great rewards and satisfaction! We are all given the Blessing of the very special Gift of choice and how you choose to use it is up to you!

As I sat in the stands reflecting on all of the memories I have had at this Field, feeling so proud of and happy for my little sister as she walked across that podium, I couldn’t help but think to myself... “Will she get it?” Remember that to realize our Dreams is the ultimate reward and that the only thing standing in the way of that, is ourselves! Not others, not things, not objects, but ourselves! Don’t waste another second not actively working towards being you, always be yourself, because no matter how hard someone may try, they will never duplicate you and that is what makes us all special!

Will she get it? I can tell you right now that she already has it, just as we all do! Next time you pass a mirror, is it your reflection that you see? If so, be sure and throw a BIG smile your way, because YOU got it!

-Stay Strong; It’s more than Physical-

Derek M. Trombetta

Professional Firefighter, Fitness Coach, and Physique Athlete!



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