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Diana Challoux, Come On Down!

20071120_DIANA_007715When she was 20 years old, she decided, on a whim, to spend one day in LA with some Sorority sisters. Their plan was to get tickets to The Price Is Right game show. Before she left, she jokingly told her friends and family that she was going to "meet Bob Barker and win a car!" So they sat in line all day and never made it in to the show. Apparently everyone gets tickets, but only the first 300 people in line actually get in to the show. They were so disappointed, they all decided to stay another night, cram seven girls into one cheap (we're talking college students) motel room, and get in line the next morning at 5AM.



Monica Mollica!

Beach2009-MonicaMollica-DSC0021When you visit her web page, one of the first things you might notice is the "I am not available for sessions or private wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask." message on her home page. It's located right beneath what appears to be a completely nude photo of a blond bombshell with an extremely muscular, well-sculpted and symmetrical physique.  Obviously a female bodybuilder, you might think.....but you'd technically be wrong. To date, she has never competed in bodybuilding; and "wrestling?" hmmm... what is that all about?


The Multifaceted Tonya Todd!

DSCF0064We like to bring you the most intriguing stories we can about exceptional women athletes.  This story about Tonya Todd is about as intriguing as they get, and I imagine, pretty damn motivating.

Check this out, imagine your trainer tells you to enter two totally unrelated contests that take place on the same day and are run simultaneously. That's right; at the same time. I know, sounds crazy but just stick with me here... The goal is to get ready for a Strongwoman contest that requires both endurance and strength while also prepping for a physique contest. You need to be lean, tight, hard, feminine, beautifully coiffed, carb-depleted, energized, strong, and focused. . . all at the same time! And did I say strong


Female Bodybuilders and Anabolic Steroids!

stanabol-50-02The use of anabolic steroids by female bodybuilders is an issue which sparks controversy in media circles and a degree of secrecy in the world of bodybuilding. Ask any male competitor what drugs he uses on and off season and you will usually get a fairly honest response (some are even prone to exaggeration!). On the other hand, steroid use in the female bodybuilding world is still shrouded, to some extent, in a veil of secrecy. Few women will open up (except possibly to their closest friends) and reveal exactly which anabolic substances they're using.



Melissa DiBernardo Switches to Bodybuilding!

FRONTWelcome to the first in a series where I will be turning the spotlight on some of our amazing female readers. The first lady to take center stage is Melissa Di Bernardo who did her first show back in June 2005 as an INBF competitor.

Melissa is the first to admit that she ‘sucked' at her first attempt but, she was quick to step up her game, getting back on stage in October of the same year and scooping up the overall titles in both figure and bodybuilding at the INBF Natural NY Championships


The Incredible Barb Guerra!

Obviously, I survived and am NOT a vegetable!! My parents were then faced with figuring out how I was going to get through life without arms. I guess I figured that one out on my own because my mom said that one day, she came into my hospital room, and I put my legs out to give her a hug:) I went through years of therapy, obstacles and hard times, but I'm very strong-willed and determined. Having very strong parents also played a big part in me becoming an independent person. I am grateful to them for not pitying me and babying me. They MADE me do things for myself. Of course, there were many times I hated my parents for doing that. Now that I'm older, I understand why, and I'm thankful.


The Intriguing Irina Veselova!

Jacksonville 2008 227 Irina Veselova is an interesting woman to say the least. First off, she's Russian.  That's always interesting, and her accent only adds to the mystique.  Next, she's a bodybuilder.  And we all love women bodybuilders.  However, for Irina, bodybuilding is just the tip of the iceberg.  In Russia she was not only a bodybuilder but also a track and field and powerlifting champion.  She came to the U.S., and after a six-year layoff, got back into competing; this time in figure.  Now she's back to bodybuilding.  In between, it gets really interesting.... She has worked as a "dancer" and as a personal trainer who trains her male charges so hard that they regularly puke


Female Athletes and Menstrual Irregularities

Reproductive function is a significant health concern for both male and female athletes and, for those who use anabolic steroids, the concern becomes even greater. Whilst men may experience changes in libido and natural testosterone production, the effect training, dieting and anabolic steroid use has on the female body is immediately noticed via changes in the menstrual cycle. In fact, many female athletes report menstrual irregularities or amenorrhea (the absence of periods for 3-12 months). There are several reasons for this disruption in the normal menstrual cycle, the most frequent cause being a dysfunction at the hypothalamic level - often referred to as functional hypothalamic amenorrhea.


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