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2 Minute Update with Elena Seiple!

3304_78588266654_751706654_1855687_7712097_nElena Seiple earned her IFBB Pro Card by winning the light heavyweight class at the 2008 NPC Nationals.  Since then, she's been missing in action and the bodybuilding world has wondered where she's been and what she's been up to.  I tracked down the extremely busy Seiple and found out a few interesting updates.  Read on!





Yaxeni Oriquen. . . The Warrior Returns!

YaxeniWhen Yaxeni Oriquen took to the stage at the Phoenix Pro accompanied by Marilyn Manson's menacing rendition of the Eurhythmics' ‘Sweet Dreams' there was little doubt in anyone's mind that the former Ms Olympia was back and ready to reclaim her crown!

Prowling the stage like a panther she sent an eerie chill of anticipation through the crowd...if this was just the start of her return what would she bring to the competition come the final showdown?

The fact that she walked away with first place that night was no surprise and as she prepares herself to do battle at this weekend's Arnold Classic I thought it was time to get to know this ‘warrior queen' a little better...


Sex, Muscle, and Power. . . The Women Speak Up!

IMG_2229Over the years the sport of women's bodybuilding has been put under the microscope more times than the influenza virus. The questions have always centered on what exactly motivates a woman to enhance her muscularity to its genetic maximum rather than align herself to the cosmetic blueprint laid down by a mostly narrow-minded section of society.

In this article I have decided to throw aside the ‘why?' and focus my attention on the benefits of such a pursuit. To this end I have chosen some of our most outspoken athletes and asked them the questions we really want answered....the questions that explore areas of sexuality and empowerment and how enhancing development on a physical plane can have a profound effect on confidence, self awareness and relationship with ones sexuality.


Dena Westerfield. . . Countdown to IFBB Phoenix Pro 2010!

DSC00322Continuing my series looking at some of the women competing in the rapidly approaching IFBB Phoenix Pro, I thought I would take a closer look at the ever popular Dr. Dena Westerfield.

Over the years Dena has built up quite a following and looks set to become one of those women who will be remembered for their part in promoting the sport we love so much.  However, there is so much more to Dena than the woman we see on stage as I so amazingly found while chatting with her recently....



Countdown to Phoenix 2010. . . Betty Pariso!

DSC_4345_FLHUWEWTBUAs the anticipation builds toward the yea'rs first IFBB Pro show in Phoenix, I thought I would take a closer look at one of the front runners in the women's bodybuilding division. Betty Pariso is pretty much a legend when it comes to women's bodybuilding. Her competitive life has spanned decades and her accolades would fill out this article without me even having to ask a single question.

However, rather than simply talk about her achievements in the sport (since I am sure most of you are aware of them anyway) I wanted to get to know a little more about the woman behind the physique, starting with her life before she entered the gym....


Sylvia Duque. . . Switching Channels with the Texas Tornado!

DSC_4222When you look at pictures of Sylvia Duque it is hard to believe that she has only been competing for three years. It is even harder to believe that she is 50 years old!

Having just made the switch from figure to bodybuilding it looks like this is one competitor we are going to be hearing a lot about this year. So with that in mind let's find out a little more about this dynamic bundle of Texas muscle!


Okay Sylvia,  let's start with a little background info to take our readers up to speed...where do you come from and how did you get involved with  the wonderful world of weights?


Dawn Allison. . . Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History!


Nat09GB104(Small)When I first saw that quote from one of Dawn Allison's forum pages my first thought was that it looked very much like something Mae West would have said (along the lines of "when I'm good I'm really good but when I'm bad I'm even better!"). There is something very honest and true about it though...I mean we are always going to remember Madonna!

Both as Dawn Alison and her alter ego ‘Fit Body' this is one woman who has certainly been a leading light on the RX forums and someone I just had to get to know better. Her story is one of triumph over adversity and her willingness to present herself as an open book very refreshing.


Marked Personal. . . Zoa Linsey!

DSC_0237_DPKKEQEYCPWelcome to another installment in my "Marked Personal" series where I take a closer look at the ‘mind behind the muscle' of some of our favorite female athletes.

This time around I will be talking to Zoa Linsey, who apart from being one of our most loved and respected female bodybuilders also has a very valuable and inspiring story to share with readers of RX Muscle.

Zoa, like so many women, has battled an eating disorder in the past. The fact that she has not only put that demon to rest but also proceeded to become a professional bodybuilder, speaks volumes in terms of her personal willpower and determination.


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