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Restricted Access. . . All Natural KO!

IMG_2229One of our first guests on the recently re-vamped ‘Sex and Muscle’ radio show was a relative newcomer called Kortney Olsen (better known as KO) and her straight talking honesty won her an instant fan base on RX.

I recently decided to follow up on some of the subjects discussed on the show in order to find out a little more about this eternal free spirit… her life, loves and where she sees the future taking her…..




Crossing Over with Celeste Bonin!

c2Suffice it to say Celeste Bonin is an animal lover. We scheduled this interview a few different time, but I kept missing her. When she finally got back to me, she explained that she couldn't answer her phone because she was busy rescuing a pit bull from the side of the highway. Since the local SPCA didn't take pits, Celeste brought it home and is now nursing her fourth dog back to health. Compassionate and beautiful; a undeniably great combination!  This is where our conversation begins.....


Stacey Pillari: Big Things Come in Small Packages!

staceyandtaylor110copyLooking at Stacey Pillari it is hard to believe that she is not only the mother of two children but also Grandmother to a 22-month old grandson. She has one of those classic physiques that takes me back to the days when I used to leaf through the pages of Women's Physique World (beautiful woman bodybuilders displayed in glamorous poses).

Another hard-to-believe fact is that she's only 5' 1"!  Photographically, she appears Amazonian!


Women and Offseason Weight Gain!

Ever since I became involved in the sport of bodybuilding (and, check your calendars, that wasn't yesterday...) It has always been ‘accepted logic' that in order to gain any significant muscle in the off-season you had to also gain a substantial amount of fat. Now, for most guys, adding extra weight in the off-season is not usually something to lose sleep over. However, for the female athlete, it can be both uncomfortable and distressing. I mean, society programmed women to have a certain ‘look' and that ‘look' didn't involve gaining 20, 30 or even 40lbs of extra weight in order to add a few pounds of extra muscle to their fram


Restricted Access. . . Rhonda Lee Quaresma!

athlete_tipsOver the last few months we have had many interesting and provocative guests on our ever popular ‘Sex and Muscle' radio show. However, one guest in particular set a whole new standard for the show, raising the bar to a level that is going to be hard to beat!

Regular listeners are still talking about the night that RhondaLee Quaresma came into the RX studio and gave a performance that lit up the forums for days afterwards. Her lap dance with John Romano will go down in RX Radio history!


Brian Moss Talks She-Muscle!

1031"Athleticism and eroticism are two sides of the same coin. The original Olympics in 776BC were held in the nude."

"Naked doesn't always mean erotic. Erotic doesn't always mean naked."

"Posing nude is an issue of choice...you choose to expose and you choose to view."

"Many women on She Muscle explore/expose their sexuality through strength and dominance; not weakness and submission."


Kris Murrell Interview: 2009 NPC National Overall Champion!

blackdressTwo years ago, when I was trying to "break in" to a writing career. I asked Kris Murrell if she would let me conduct my first interview on her. She gladly took time out of her schedule to sit in Starbucks Coffee Shop with me and answer some elementary questions. I think somewhere, deep down, I always knew she'd turn pro, and thus, she was the perfect person to talk to....both then and now.




Sally McNeil. . . This is My Story- Part 2

SallyMcNiel0001In part one of this story, Sally recalled her life with husband Ray and gave us some insight into the trauma and abuse she was subjected to throughout their marriage. Now in part two Sally reflects on that fateful night when she shot Ray and talks about prison life and her hopes for the future.

So, continuing from where we left off, the final confrontation between Ray and yourself is often trivialized and your actions are said to have been triggered by the cost of a chicken he was cooking for dinner. There must have been more to it than that. Can you tell us exactly what went on during that fateful night.....?



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