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Meet photo 1MP Competitor Dewayne Triplett. Congrats on the physique you brought into Nationals! What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?
I had been contemplating competing for quite some time. I always used the excuse of not wanting to walk around at 240 and above. When I found out about the Men's Physique Division, I went to the 2011 Jr. Nationals and decided I wanted to compete after watching that competition.

How did you feel after pre-judging?

After pre-judging I was confident I would place top 15. I was pleased with my stage presence which had been a weak point at prior national shows.

How did you feel about the final results of the show?
I didn't place top 15 so I was disappointed at first. After a while of that feeling of disappointment, it transformed into determination. I want to be the best I can be at whatever I do. Placing 16th is not my best, so I will work harder. I will make the necessary changes and come into my next show better.

What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division and what it may be able to do for your career?
I believe the Men's Physique Division can be a great tool to further my career. Everyone doesn't want the build of a bodybuilder. The general public finds MP division more obtainable and I believe it’s extremely marketable.


Hometown:Gary IN

Current city:Crown Point IN

Years training:3 years

Education: ISSA certified

Occupation:Personal Trainer

Favorite type of training: Super Sets with minimal rest and High volume training

Favorite body part to train:Back and Shoulders. I love them both!

Favorite exercise:Bent over barbell rows(pronated)

Rep range:10-25

Number of sets:4-5

Typical workout duration:40min-60min followed by 40 minutes of Cardio 6 times a week

 photo 2

Training split:

Mon: Legs
Sat: Off
Sun: Back

Typical daily eating plan:
Meal 1: 1/2 cup of Oatmeal 2 cups of egg whites 1large egg 3 oz of blueberries
Meal 2:8 oz of tilapia 2oz avocado 1 cup of broccoli
Meal 3: 2 turkey burger patties 1 cup of black rice 1 cup of broccoli
Meal 4: Protein shake 1 oz cashews
Meal 5: 8 oz of Chicken Breast 2 oz of avocado 1 cup of broccoli
Meal 6:8 oz tilapia 1 cup of broccoli
Meal 7: Protein shake

Favorite supplement: All Max Iso Natural Whey

What peaked your interest in training?
Growing up my father always worked out so naturally I wanted to be like him. I remember looking through his fitness magazines thinking body builders were awesome. I found myself drawn to Frank Zane's, Shawn Ray's, and Dexter Jackson's physiques more than others.

Who influences/influenced your training? Kevin Levrone, and my mentor and friend Mose Carter Jr.

Sports: Basketball, Flag Football

Special interests:photo 3 Acting

Physique, fitness, bodybuilding competition history: 2011 Central States (3rd) 2011 Nationals(16th) 2012 jr. nationals(16th)2012 Indiana State Bodybuilding Championships(3rd) 2012 Central States(4th) 2012 National Championships(16th)

Awards and/or accomplishments: I've done extra work on Chicago Code(tv),Contagion, I also had a major role in an independent film titled Killer Remedy(not yet released)

Next planned competition: Jr USAs

What keeps you on track towards reaching your goals?
I’m a competitor by nature so i feed off of others. I like staying positive and pushing toward the best physique my genetics can produce.

Interesting fact or something you would like our readers to know about you:
I love seeing people reach their goals. I get more satisfaction from my client’s success than my own.

Website and Facebook: www.facebook.com/dewayne.triplett



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