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Physique Star Radio (3/29/13): Joe Weider Tribute, Vince Andrich,Tom Terwilliger, Mike O'Hearn!



Physique Star Radio!


 If you listen to physique star radio then know it or not you have been affected by Joe Weider, probably more than you know. join Ian Lauer today on PSR as he Welcomes three industry superstars as they pay tribute to the father of modern bodybuilding and physique.  Guests Tom Terwilliger, Mike "Titan" O'Hearn and Vince Andrich share tales of innovation, inspiration and genuine admiration for the Master Blaster.




Physique Star Radio (3/22/13): Fitness icon Clark Bartman plus Blake Elarbee!!!



Physique Star Radio!


 Welcome to an Industry Special Episode of PHYSIQUE STAR RADIO.  In the first half of the show, fitness icon Clark Bartram discusses his latest book "Where Your Mind Goes You Go" and lessons that you can apply to make it in the industry.  In the second half of PSR, Editor in Chief of MensPhysique.com Ian Lauer IFBB Pro, fields questions on the same subject asked by up-and-comer in the industry Blake Elarbee.  This is a must listen if you are interested in landing shoots and making cash in the fitness industry.




Physique Star Radio (3/14/13): IFBB Pro Michael Anderson and Photographer Jeff Sygo!



Physique Star Radio!


 Join Ian Lauer on PHYSIQUE STAR RADIO as he brings on guests IFBB Pro Michael Anderson and Fitness Photographer Jeff Sygo.  Michael will be discussing competing at the pro level and social marketing while Jeff talks about capturing images that will get you in the magazines.  




Physique Star Radio (3/07/13): IFBB Pro Alex Carneiro and Tad The Diet Coach



Physique Star Radio!


 On this episode of PHYSIQUE STAR RADIO, Ian is joined by guests Tad the Diet Coach and IFBB Pro Alex Carneiro.  Tad hops on the radio waves  from the beaches of Hawaii to discuss how to eat clean and stay lean while on the road.  Alex chats with Ian about his experience this past weekend at The Arnold.  He also talks about the direction of the Men's Physique Division.   




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