Why Physique Competitors Should Train Legs

TumaIt’s time to talk about something that some Physique athletes have been rumored to avoid – leg day. Some competitive fitness athletes think it’s unnecessary to train legs since they aren’t directly judged during the spectating. However, legs still are a big part of your overall physique. If you have worked hard to develop your upper body, you don’t want to give up on your lower half and look out of balance. If you look at many of the top IFBB professionals, you will see that nearly all of the best go out of their way to train legs with just as much intensity as they do any other body part.

Another reason it is important to train legs is that that regimen helps to speed up the process of fat burning. Not only are you training one of the biggest “systems” in your body, but this will also help you burn fat on larger scale. The calories don’t only burn in your legs so you of course lose fat from your entire body. Additionally, this will help you gain the look of total body symmetry. This is definitely something the judges look for during competition! You don’t want to give off the “flamingo” look; a large upper body and small, unimpressive legs!

This may seem a bit obvious, but calves are also vital to train on leg days because they can be seen beneath your board shorts during competition! No judge wants to see an athlete with underdeveloped or lacking calf muscles! Not training your legs will cause you to lose points and ultimately drop in contestant rankings.

The moral of the fitness story here is simple: Love your legs! Give them the training and respect that you give the rest of your body and you will see better results both personally and on the competition stage!

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