The 2013 Olympia Men's Physique Results

TheMark Anthony Wingson from Pittsburgh Pro 2013 Olympia is now officially in the record books.  There were many questions leading up to the showdown and they were answered this past weekend.  The first ever Olympia Men’s Physique champion has been crowned.  Mark Anthony Wingson walked away from the Vegas stage on cloud nine with the title of first ever MP Olympia Champion.

From the inception of the Men’s Physique division into the NPC, the wonder of how the division would do was of paramount interest.  “Would it thrive or struggle to survive,” was the question.  After seeing the general interest in the division and the massive attention to the results of the first ever Men’s Physique competition at the O, it is safe to say that the division is thriving.

A huge congrats to ALL of the competitors that stepped on the stage for this crowning achievement.  Each and every one of you made the fellow IFBB and NPC Men’s Physique competitors proud to be part of this still new and extremely powerful division. 


The results of the 2013 Olympia Men’s Physique Division are as follows.

1. Mark Anthony
2. Jeremy Buendia
3. Matthew Acton
4. Sadik Hadzovic
5. Jason Poston
6. Tyler Anderson
7. Michael Anderson
8. Stephen Cook
9. Tory Woodward
10. Alex Carneiro
11. Jeff Seid
12. Anton Antipov
13. Matt Christianer
14. William Sullivan
15. Stephan Mass
16. John Nguyen

Results from NPCNEWSONLINE.com as well as the images when clicking upon the athlete's name.

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