The CBBF Men’s Physique Nationals 2012 Wrap Up


  This Overall Battleturned out to be a record setting show for the CBBF, with over 250 athletes competing in this year’s event, held at the Massey Theatre in New Westminster, BC.  The show’s promoters Sandra Wickham and Ross Webb, put on an amazing event that was executed in stellar fashion.

  As for Men’s Physique, 25 competitors faced off on stage with the hopes of taking home the one IFBB Pro Card that was being awarded to the overall MP winner.

  The split for the two classes was definitely heavily weighted on the tall class, as Men’s Short (5’8” and under) had 7 competitors, while Men’s Tall filled the stage with 18 competitors.  I myself, measuring in at a height of just under 5’8”, felt great on stage, but definitely have some gains to make in the size department at this level.  I placed 7th in my class, but was truly honored to have had the privileged of competing at the National level in my first year of competitions.  The winner of the MP Short class was Chris Pylypchuk.  When it came time for the tall class to take the stage, this is where we saw the widest range in physiques of the night.  Some competitors measured in at just over the minimum 5’8” cut-off, right up to the tallest competitor Corey Thomas, measuring in at a height of 6’4” (he placed 2nd in the Men’s Tall).  Craig FranczykThe winner of Men’s Tall class, was also the winner of the overall and therefore winner of the only IFBB Pro Card awarded to Men’s Physique on the night, went to Craig Franczyk.  

  Energy at this show was incredible, with this new Men’s Physique category just taking off here in Canada, it is exciting to see a New IFBB Pro introduced and to have been there to experience the moment first hand.  Congratulations Craig and I wish you the best of luck in your future pro competitions.

  For the full list of all contest results from this Nationals show, please visit the site http://cbbf.ca/ContestResults/2012NationalBikini,Figure,Fitness,andEliteC.aspx

  Muscle Insider Magazine did an amazing job of capturing pictures of all of the competitors on stage as well as some great candid shots.  For photo galleries, be sure to check out their site at CBBF Nationals Vancouver Mens Physique 2012 http://j.mp/QQGYYY

  The next local show for Men’s Physique Competitors, will be held at the same Massey Theatre on November 10, 2012.  This show will allow our MP athletes to have their chance at once again qualifying for the 2013 BC Provincial Championships.

Andrew Bukowsky

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