New Men's Physique Pro's and Stage Pics from 2014 Nationals


Nationals2014SlideThis past weekend marked the fourth year that the Men’s Physique graced the stage at the NPC Nationals with a slew of men looking to earn their pro card. The first year was back in 2011. Then they only had three height classes. I remember in my height class alone that year there were over 70 guys shooting for that top spot. In 2012 they split the heights into six groups and I was fortunate enough to earn my card in a more moderate sized E class. These same six height classes remain today and the level of competition in each is as strong as ever.

Twelve MP competitors this weekend were blessed with the opportunity to earn a great pre-Thanksgiving prize, their very own IFBB Pro Card! Just like in 2012 and 2013, the top two place earners in each height class earned their pro cards.

Click any of the names below to check out the stage shots of the competitors.

Earned IFBB Pro Card
    Jeremy Potvin                          
    Yi Peng  
    Andre Ferguson  
    Isaac Miranda  
    Chase Savoie  
    Sly Hardy  
    Logan Franklin  
    Kenneth Jones  
    Aarin Moore  
    Justin Hassan  
    Darnell Ferguson  
    Joseph Gass  

Top 5 in Each Height Class

Class AnationalsA
1. Jeremy Potvin  
2. Yi Peng  
3. Joshua Howard  
4. Shaun Gaiser  
5. Tony Duong  




Class B
1. Andre Ferguson  
2. Isaac Miranda  
3. Marcos Rodriguez  
4. Jorge Bianchi  
5. Juliano Quimson  



NationalsCClass C
1. Chase Savoie  
2. Sly Hardy  
3. Jeph Gabriel  
4. Jared Thompson  
5. Michael Parker  



NationalsD1Class D
1. Logan Franklin  
2. Kenneth Jones  
3. David Bess  
4. Cameron James  
5. Rashaud Watson  



NationalsDClass E
1. Aarin Moore  
2. Justin Hassan  
3. Evan Shy  
4. Rahkil Edwards  
5. Sheriff Taiwo  



NationalsFClass F
1. Darnell Ferguson  
2. Joseph Gass  
3. Javon Walker  
4. Khalfani Quartey  
5. Bronson Colbert  



For complete results and stage pictures of all men’s physique competitors at the 2014 Nationals click through to the following link.

A huge congrats to all of the MP competitors making the division proud. Awesome job guys!

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