Selecting Board Shorts for the Stage

Many men aren’t exactly gifted with the ability to determine boardshortswhat looks best on them, especially when selecting board shorts to wear up on stage with glaring lights assaulting them from every angle.  Here are a few tips to selecting a great pair for your competition.


1.Make sure to pay attention to proper fit. The shorts should hit low enough in the waistline to flatter your lat spread and make your waist appear nice and tapered.  The shorts should also make your rear end look nice and lifted without any excess material creating a sagging or diaper effect.  Make sure you don’t go too tight though!  The shorts should not ride up your crotch or make the shape of your bait and tackle highly visible!  Make sure the rise in the front lies flat and does not bunch up across your lower abdomen.  Also make sure the rise isn’t so low that the shorts look like they are about to fall off.

2.Select a niceBlues, greens, reds and orange tones tend to look nice on stage.  Avoid khaki, brown, and dull gray as they tend to look very drab under stage lights.  Be careful with white as it can become severely discolored by the spray tan solution.

3.Prints are okay, but don’t go too busy!  You can select shorts which have a color blocking on them, or which have a print on them, but don’t go for a very wildYou want the judges to look at your physique, not at the distracting graffiti print splashed across your shorts!

4.Try to find a pair that is distinctive so that you don’t end up wearing the same board shorts as anotherIn fact, it is always a good idea to have an extra pair on hand at a show in case this occurs.

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