Dry Skin is NOT Sexy

There is nothing sexier than a man with a chiseled physique whose skinloofah l is like polished wood, healthy, smooth, and even.  Yet I see so many male competitors who don’t seem to care about the appearance of their skin, and who sport an epidermis which looks and feels like a piece of driftwood.

Healthy skin that glows looks amazing onstage, takes spray tanner better, and reflects the optimal diet which competitors should be practicing.  So how does one get such healthy skin?

There are general guidelines which should be followed:

Avoid long hot showers

 Moisturize regularly, preferably right after you shower

Wear sunblock regularly

Increase water intake

Consume healthy fats with omega-3 fatty acids

Exfoliate with scrubs, washcloths or loofahs

Since skin is the largest organ system, and also since it reflects a person’s overall health, it is imperative to take the above steps to ensure that your skin will look its best.



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