The Acne Curse

Pimples. Pustules. Blackheads. Cystic monsters. neutrogena-deep-clean-invigorating-foaming-scrub It seems ridiculous that these little lumps can cause so much anguish in people, yet they do. Men have the additional curse of generally having higher oil production as a result of higher testosterone levels. The best thing to do is to have a skincare regimen in place so that the bacteria that cause acne and excess oil are controlled.


The essential anti-acne skincare components are:

Face wash

Facial scrub/Exfoliator


Look for products which have salicylic acid or beta-hydroxy acids in the ingredients listing. Many companies (examples are Neutrogena, ZIRH, Clinique for Men, Lab Series, Aveda) have made it easy to adopt a regimen by selling products as a set. For particularly stubborn acne, add benzoyl peroxide to the regimen. Companies such as Neutrogena have pads which are soaked with benzoyl peroxide and are very easy to use. Just make sure to be consistent with your regimen so that you can keep acne flare-ups under control.




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