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Proper Etiquette When Applying for Modeling Gigs Online



When IMG 4763taggeda company (or even a photographer) posts a casting call online it could be saying a few things.

1 – They are looking for a plethora of options
2 – They don’t have time to scour the internet and comp cards to find someone
3 – They are also looking to extend their brand to additional prospects
Whatever the case may be, your role as a modeling talent is to make the job of the person doing the casting (whether it is an agent, photographer or other) as easy as possible.

Here are some tips and proper etiquette guidelines when you are applying for a modeling gig online.

·         Read the requirements of the casting very careful to make sure you meet what they need. If the casting call requires someone with a background in (just as an example) martial arts and you have none, then you are essentially wasting the casting person’s time by applying and having them review your work only to find out that you don’t meet the needs of what they are looking for.

·         Read all the details on how to apply. You would assume that should be pretty basic, however I see talent not reading the details on how to apply on every single casting I put out. I could say “Do not comment on this casting online, but instead e-mail your information to the following address” and you will still see talents commenting anyway. I could say “please include your resume, 3 photos, and highlights of relevant experience” and have a talent only send photos without any other information whereas another talent will send their resume and no photos. Follow the guidelines on how to apply as if they were a checklist before you hit the “send” button.

·         Pay attention to the location of the casting and the project. If there is a casting in Texas and you are in New York (and there is not a statement that travel is being covered), then you are probably facing a long shot.

·         When submitting, only include relevant portfolio samples. If it is a fitness modeling casting, the casting agent may not really want to see your work in fashion or glamour.  Consider sending only your work in fitness.

·         Include a statement which differentiates you from the other potential models. Why should the casting company or person select you? What makes you stand apart from ALL the others?

·         Show the casting person that you want the job and that you are excited for the opportunity to work. Enthusiasm can go a long way.

I hope this helps you in your future applications!

James Patrick

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