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Name:Emmanuel Delcour

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What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division?
Very excited to compete in this new category. Finally a competition that appreciate esthetic in a different new way. A more realistic physique that is more attainable for Men in general. I think it’s going to be refreshing to the bodybuilding scene and hopefully inspire a lot of people to look like that. Bringing this new type of physique will definitely attract more audience to bodybuilding which is a good thing since I consider it the healthiest and most complete sport of all. It will show that you can be a bodybuilder and look healthy and esthetically perfectly balanced.

Age: 30

Hometown: Bordeaux FRANCE

Current city: Venice CA

Years training: 18

Education: College + degree in Graphic Design

Occupation: CHEF specialized in Healthy Organic cuisine
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Favorite type of training: Heavy training 6-8 reps range (off season)

Favorite body part to train: Biceps Triceps and Legs.

Favorite exercise: Hammer Biceps curl, bent over reverse grip rows with barbell and front squat.

Rep range: 6-8 reps off season and 12 -20 reps precontest .

Number of sets: 4 per exercise including warm-up set.

Typical workout duration: 1 hour weight training( + 40 to 50 mn of cardio )

Training split:off season: 2 body part in 1 hour session 3 times a week.
each body part is trained once a week only, I am going heavy.
precontest: 2 to 3 body parts in 1hour session everyday + 45 mn cardio
each body part is trained twice a week once heavy once more light.

Typical daily eating plan: usually I stay very low on carbs .. as low as 100g/day on training day and 50 g/day on non training day .Still two days a week I go higher in carbs, up to 300g/day then go back to low again.
That way I stay super lean all year long and if I want to look Bigger I just carb up for a few days. I still have my cheating meal once a week : )
Very important I always have 30g to 60g of fast sugar ( cane sugar or apple juice) right after my weight training with my whey protein shake.
For the protein I stay in the 400g to 450g range a Day divided in 5 meals containing 50g of protein each. I vary the sources every meal .. Egg whites, chicken breast , lean ground beef, fish.
I always add a little fat to each of my meal except pre and post workout, eating nuts, egg yolks, olive oil, peanut butter and French Gruyere cheese ( at night ).My total fat intake a day is higher when I am in low carb : up to 100g a day. I am a big guy so that provides me energy and good healthy fat to sustain all the hard training while staying low on carbs.
When I am off season I go much higher in carbs to train heavy and grow my muscles to bulk up .. up to 600g of carbs a day. Staying at around 400g of protein/day and less fat 50g/day.
Favorite supplement: My favorite whey isolate protein is from Royal Sport Nutrition “ Royal Whey protein Chocolate delight “ It’s pure and taste so good. Profight has awesome, very efficient supplements stripped off any chemicals or unnecessary additives, I use their 100% whey protein concentrate as well as their Fat Burner “ Pitbull X-treme “ one of my secret to get shredded and it makes you feel very alert and focus on low-carb diet. I used to be a big fan of NO-EXPLODE from BSN before workouts which I highly recommend to push training to the next Level.” SUPER-PUMP from Gaspari nutrition is Awesome too.
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What peaked your interest in training? Each Workout is a new Challenge for me to push myself Harder and get that amazing feeling of self accomplishment and confidence that you only get out of a good workout session. It’s me against me and every time I am in to win .
I have an image in my head of the perfect physique I want to achieve and I make every training I do and Meal I eat a step toward that Goal.

Who influences/influenced your training?
When I was young my Mom and Dad were working out back in France and my Dad had this Big Biceps that I was so proud to show off to my friends as a kid. I come from a very healthy sport driven Family, very
competitive.  My mom was reading Muscle n’Fitness in the 90’s so I grew up reading the Magazine and getting inspired by athletes in Bodybuilding, they looked like superheroes for me when I was young. Also Movie star Jean Claude Van Damme had the perfect Balanced physique and very young I wished to have this type of physique, which I do now after all these years of training : )
When I was 12 I saw Pumping Iron for the first time and I discover a whole new world and got inspired to train hard as Arnold in the Movie.
It shows also a great side of the preparation and vibe during and before a Competition. Because for me that’s what competition is all about , fixing yourself a goal, being disciplined along the path to achieve it, enjoy each step of this process with a good spirit and still be there to win .You learn and get so much out of the whole thing.

Sports: I was swimming at competition level all the way till college, I played Tennis at national level in France too.

Special interests: I am passionate about Graphic Design, Food in general, especially deserts creations and scuba diving with Great White Sharks : )

Physique, fitness, bodybuilding competition history: My first competition was MrVenice beach where I place first in Novice in 2006, then I placed 3rd in NPC light heavy the same year, I competed again in 2009 at muscle beach and placed 1st in open light heavy and Novice, then 2010 2nd light heavy at 4th July Venice Beach, and recently 1st light heavy at NPC IRON MAN Naturally.

Awards and/or accomplishments: I am proud to have been certified from the North American Novelli academy culinary art school which is one of the most prestigious culinary institute in Europe.

Next planned competition: If I place in the top 5 for this NPC MENS PHYSIQUE I’ll be qualified to go to nationals and get a pro Card .That’s my Goal.

What keeps you on track towards reaching your goals?
Stay Balanced in my Life .I know myself pretty well now and I like to keep reinventing myself and grow as well as enjoying the things that makes me happy and keep me focused and grounded. Also my best friend battled with cancer last year and he really made me understand that you have to stay strong and be appreciative of Life no matter what : )

Interesting fact or something you would like our readers to know about you: Well, I managed to become a Chef and stay a true bodybuilder which sounds like opposites, but done well can really work together. I like to create new ways to make delicious healthy food that everybody can enjoy without guilt, using my knowledge in bodybuilding nutrition and French Cuisine : )

Website and facebook: check out my website for recipes and fitness tips
emmanueldelcour.com and join me on facebook.com/emmanueldelcour

Contact information:
[email protected]

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