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Josh Bryant at the Hardcore Powerlifting Event in Houston



Josh Bryant, the man with the plan to get bigger, stronger and faster... talks about his upcoming book and how his athletes faired at the Clash of the Titans 7 from Hardcore Powerlifting in Houston, TX at the NPC Branch Warren Classic.


Mike Johnston - PSST! 10. Good Morning Variations



Mike Johnston brings us PSST1 10, a round up of variations of the ever present pwoerlifting/strongman staple - the Good Morning. This exercise is a mainstay in posterior chain CNS firing and direct work to develop and increase a maximum potential deadlift and squat. This one is not meant only for the men, but for the ladies too. However, when videographers film these for women, for some reason they are always filmed from the back. Fortunately that is not the case for us!


Ryan Bracewell and Nutrition Depot from the Branch!



Ryan Bracewell came out to the Hardcore Powerlifting Clash of the Titans 7 event as he puts it - "just to have fun". Ryan competed in the max deadlift and pulled a respectable 760lbs. He also competed in the 500lb max reps event and took 2nd with a dizzying performance of 20 reps. Ryan and Bryan Hildebrand talk about the event and Ryans 2nd Nutrition Depot store opening.


Mike Johnston - PSST! 9. Log Press Pt II



Efficiency and power are two prerequisites for an effective and massive overhead press. Add in the sheer bulkiness and girth of a log in strongman and it all becomes a new challenge. Mikey J breaks down the efficiency of technique, technique and strength and then technique, strength and brute size and power in the 9th edition of PSST!


Tom Emelander, Runner Up at Sultans of Squat 7 in Houston



2013branchemelanderTom Emelander took the runner up spot with an 804.5lb deadlift at the Sultans of Squat 7 Hardcore Powerlifting event at the NPC Branch Warren Classic in Houston.


Kevin Nee Mounting a Strongman Comeback?



When the 20 year old Arizona State University strongman took the world by storm a few years back, people wondered, how far can this kid go? After a few injuries and battling some personal demons, it appears that the kevin we all knew was in there, is making his way back to the stage. At least by evidence of this video, I am M^#&@r F#&)@%G back!


Mike Johnston - PSST! 8. Vector Squats



Mike Johnstons brings us another installment of PSST! 8, Vector Squats. Balance, pitching forward and core stablization are the keys to a successful lordotic positioned squat attempt whether raw or equipped. Here Mike breaks down the training methodology that can bring you bigger numbers on game day!


Mike Johnston - PSST! 7. The Ben & Jerry's Effect



When I was a kid, i would wear my clothes through spring, start wearing cooler clothing at the start of summer, and would return to my old sclothes as soon as the California fall began to creep in. But every year, something weird happened. My clothing just didn't fit any more. I had hit summer growth spurts that neccessitated my mother to take me shopping for new school clothes.

Mike J learned that lesson after competing at 242lbs at the Arnold XPC event and afterwards returned to his normal 252-255lbs of bodyweight. However, he did nto take into account that effect Ben & Jerrys daily consumption can have on the reality of the scale... and how his gear fit under the squat rack. Here, Mikey breaks down the trials and tribulations of Ice Cream overload.


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