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2013 Sin City IV Strongman Wrap Up



Bryan Hildebrand and Paul Leone wrap up the 2013 Sin City Strongman Giants Live qualifier hosted by Nick and Callie Best. Some of the best and newest pro strongman talent in the country came to Vegas to win one of two chances for an expenses paid trip to a Worlds Strongest Man qualifying event.


Mike Johnston - PSST! Deadlift Analysis



Mike Johnston, PT CSCS breaks down the conventional deadlift as seen from the eyes of therapist, coach and lifter.


This is America - Oh SNAP! Food Stamps?




Mike Johnston brings us another installment of This is America. Mike looks a bit deeper into the use fo EBT Nutritional Supplementation Program - Food Stamps. Why has there been a 250% increase in Fraudulent use of EBT's and how are consumer product manufacturers like Monster, Cheetos and other companies taking advantage of the broad variables in nutritional labeling?


2 Years Ago Today: Donnie Thompson's 1,260lb Squat



Two years ago today, one of the most prolific powerlifters in history stood underneath a bar loaded with a never attempted squat of 1,260lbs. Donnie "Mr 3000" Thompson made good on the lift infront of his friends, gym mates and family that day in South Carolina. It is a lift equaled by no one to this date.


Jill Mills 2013 Texas Strongest Man




The very lovely Jill Millis the NAS Texas Chair and put on one hell of a great show in the Texas Strongest Man and Woman.


Arnold Strongman: The Wives of Strongman



2013arnoldstrongmanwivesAt the 2013 Arnold Strongman Classic no media outlets were allowed in the green room backstage of the main expo stage. We witnessed some terrific feats of strength, but alas, no interviews were conducted until the finals at Veterans Memorial Coliseum. I took a few minutes to get the perspectives of the people who matter most outside of the lifters themselves. These are the ladies that have to tend to the aches, pains and boo boo's of three of the greatest American strength athletes of all time.


Mike Johnston - PSST! Bench Accessory Work



Mike Johnston, PT CSCS is back with another installment of PSST! This time Mike tackles an unassuming issue with upper back work in relation to shirted bench work. Mike, wearing an Inzer Phenom discusses how he actually has to pull the bar to his chest in the last 2" of movement. Without proper accessory work, this action can cause the bar to come out of it's planned trajectory and ultimately can lead to the loss of the lift.


Mike Johnston - PSST! Romanian Deadlifts



Mike Johnston, PT CSCS takes you through one of the best exercises for regaining proper Lordosis in the lumbar region of the spine during training or rehabilitation.


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