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Stan Efferding Breaks 2,300 Raw Total!



March 23rd, 2013 IFBB Pro and Powerlifting legend Stan Efferding broke a barrier he only dreamed of a few short years ago. At the SPF March Madness event Stan hit a 865.2 squat, a 600.7 bench in a t-shirt and shorts and hoisted a 837.5 deadlift to claim a 2,303 total. Congtratulations to Stan and the rest of the crew behind him at Mark Bells signature event.


This is America - Up In Smoke!




Mikey J, ever the thinker, discusses and debates the hidden smoker penalties in the new ObamaCare Health Insurance package for American's. Mike seeks out the little known bits and issues and how the Gub'ment has created the ability to essentially tax all of our habits; good and not so good.


2x Worlds Strongest Woman, Kristin Rhodes


I caught up with Kristin Rhodes, 5x America's Strongest Woman and 2x World's Strongest Woman on stage at the Arnold Sports Festival. Kristin is in the midst of preparing for a comeback after an injury late last year and will is promoting a womens lightweight qualifier for the Strongest Woman Alive in San Diego on August 24th, 2013. This is the same venue as Bros V Pros 18 and the 619 Muscle Beach Bash hosted by Worlds Gym San Diego.


Mikhial Shivlikov, Wins Arnold Am Strongman



2013arnoldshivlikovIn his 4th time to the Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships in Columbus, Ohio, the amazing Russian Mikhial Shivlikov brought an entirely different level of strength and conditioing than any other competitor in attendance. He made good on his promise to win this year after placing 2nd to the U.S. giant Adam Big Country Scherr in 2012.


Movie Teaser: Loius Cyr, Strongest Man Alive



A teaser video for a soon to released video (so far just in the UK) about Louis Cyr, arguably the strongest man in the world until the early 1900's. His sheer size and strength exploits are infamous. More details on this terrific film for strength fans as they become available.


Mike Johnston Squats 1014 lbs at the XPC Meet over 2013 Arnold Weekend!

Mike Johnston, Co-host of The Rx Power Hour and VP of the American Strongman Corporation squats 1014 during the XPC Powerlifting Meet over the 2013 Arnold Classic Weekend.



UK's Mark Felix Smashes Deadlift Record at the 2013 ASC




2013arnoldmarkfelixdedliftrecordMark Felix came into the 2013 Arnold Strongman Classic as the elder stateman and came out a world record holder. Mark told Terry Todd the director of the ASC that he had unfinished business from 2012 when he lost the event to 2011 ASC champion Brian Shaw. Mark took a 4th lift of 1,128lbs with absolute ease to secure his record.


Adam Big Country Scherr after his injury at the ASC




2013arnoldadamscherrAdam Big Country Scherr came in bigger, leaner and stronger than even he imagined to the 2013 Arnold Strongman Classic. Unfortunately he was one of several athletes to suffer a bicep injury in the Stone Over bar event and he chose to sit out the big show instead of risking greqter injury. Adam talks about his injury and his upcoming deal with the WWE.


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