Spotlight on: Bryon Keim

Bryon Keim 2Name:
Bryon Keim

Date of Birth:

Home Town:

Melbourne, FL

Why Strongman?
I’ve always been interested in lifting weights, through my teens and 20’s I was on the workout 3 months, feel big, and then take 2 months off workout plan. It did not work very well, I don’t recommend it.

A friend got me involved in powerlifting at the age of 31, a sport I competed in for 8 yrs. During that time I won a few meets and lost a few more, the highlights of my powerlifting career would have to be the state championships. I competed in two of them, one in Nebraska and one in Illinois and won them both at 181, also taking the overall in Illinois. The Illinois meet turned out to be my last as I was getting very bored with the sport.

At the age of 40 I discovered strongman through another friend who invited me over to train. After one session I was hooked. Four years later and 44 yrs old I’m still going strong. I usually compete in 3-4 strongman events each year throughout the country.

Bryon Keim 1Competition History:
Highlights include 2nd place 2006-2008 at Chicago’s
Strongest Man @175, finally winning in 2009, the final year of the event. Other highlights include winning Illinois Strongest Man in 2006 and my biggest achievement in the sport to date, 3rd place in the 175 lb division at NAS Nationals 2009. Winning a trophy at Nationals had always been a goal, competing and beating people in their 20’s made it even better.

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