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ryan bracewell 3Name:
Ryan Bracewell

Date of Birth:


Day Job:

Own and operate Nutrition Depot Kingwood, and partner of The Asylum Gym in Kingwood, Tx.

Why Strongman?

I was always strong and fairly athletic, and after college I wanted something I could do that would be competitive. I decided to do a strength sport and thought strongman seemed so much cooler than powerlifting. The rest is history.

What Do You Like About Competing?

I like pushing my body to the limit.

ryan bracewell 2Competition History:
-4/2008 Lonestar Strongman Showdown, HW Open, 3rd
-4/2008 Ronnie Coleman Classic, HW 265, 1st
-8/2008 Southwest Strongest Man, HW Open, 2nd
-9/2008 NAS National Championship, HW 265, 1st, 4th HW Overall
-12/2008 Texas Strongest Man, HW Open, 2nd
-4/2009 Orlando Strongman Show of Champions, HW Open, 2nd
-6/2009 California’s Strongest Man, HW Open, T4th
-8/2009 Dallas Strongman Show of Champions, HW Open, 2nd
-10/2009 NAS National Championship, SHW, 8th HW Overall
-11/2009 Texas Strongest Man, HW Open, 1st
-3/2010 Amateur World Championship, HW Open, 5th
-4/2010 Orlando Strongman Show of Champions, HW Open, 1st **earned pro card

-7/2010 US Nationals, 13th
-9/2010 America’s Strongest Man @ The Olympia, 6th

ryan bracewell 1Influences in This Sport or Other Sports:
Pretty much everyone that trains at The Unit, amateurs and pro’s, have influenced me in strongman in one way or the other. For those that are unaware, The Unit is the training facility run by Travis Ortmayer, and has about 15 regular members and has produced more professional strongmen than any other training facility on earth (at least to my knowledge)

Next Competition:

My next competition will be my first powerlifting meet in December 2010. the 2011 strongman schedule is not out yet, but at the moment it looks like I may not compete again until August.

Favorite Event:

Deadlift max or for reps, farmers walk, and stone series (but I hate the stone over bar for reps) are my favorites right now.

Outside of strongman I do not have many hobbies any more. I gave up several of my hobbies to support my strongman obsession. I used to be into fish, and had a 125g tank in my house with exotic freshwater fish.

Ryan Bracewell is sponsored by  iFORCE Nutrition

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