Spotlight on: Jessica Scofield


Spotlight On:Jessica Scofield


Category you compete in: Powerlifting, 165lbs weight classSQBnWgood


Date of birth: 11/28/1982


Hometown: Stamford, CT...and ITALY!!!


Career: English teacher and mentor

Sports background:
Trained and threw the hammer and field events with U.S. Olympic athletes. I was also the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for Southern Connecticut State University's football, baseball, volleyball, and basketball teams. In my spare time I was a personal trainer, yoga, and fencing instructor. I participated in several 6-7 hour cycling marathons for breast cancer. Sports background also includes kickboxing, capoeria, Olympic lifting, the Highland Games, and bellydancing.


Why IPA and Powerlifting: The energy at IPA meets is CRAZY!! The people that compete are eccentric, supportive, and love what they do. The meets are run well and the judges are fair. Plus the Rychlak's kick ASS!!! Powerlifting?! I'm built for power! www.PowerPrincessJess.com


What do you like best about competing? Blocking out everything and pushing myself beyond my limits. Plus I love picking out cute outfits that amp me up!!!


Competition history:

IPA (January 2011)

●            Best Lifter

●            Deadlift ranked #2 in the U.S.; 6th overall total

●            New Jersey State Record holder

IPA (August 2009)

  • 1st place competitor
  • Qualified for IPA Senior Nationals, 2009
  • Best Lifter Award
  • Connecticut Record holder

IPA (November 2009)

  • Won USA IPA Nationals
  • Achieved Best Lifter Award

USAPL (November 2008)

  • 2nd place competitor

USAPL (May 2009)

  • 1st place competitor in the New England region
  • Qualified for Nationals, 2010 and the Arnold Classic's, 2011

WNPF (June 2008)

  • 1st place in the Tri-State area

WNPF (June 2009)

  • 1st place
  • Best lifter
  • Set national record in the deadlift

Spin Odyssey Bike Rider (2008-2009)

  • 6 and 7 hour cycling marathons to raise money for Breast Cancer


Next competition: May or June, 2011


IMG_0056Influences in the sport or other sports: My father and uncle, both former powerlifter's and bodybuilder's; my throwing coach and other father, Bill Sutherland; Jill Mills and any person who works hard such as my boyfriend, Kevin DiGiorgio, who is also a powerlifter, my coach, and my rock.


Favorite cheat food: I'm Italian - what food DON'T I like?!?


Favorite diet food: Diet or not, I've craved broccoli since birth. I'm also deathly allergic to eggs so that eliminates a lot of temptations from my diet.


Favorite body part to train: Just give me heavy weights and I'm good!


Least favorite body part to train: Anything that's overly exhausted.


Hobbies: Besides the obvious - writing, teaching, traveling, art, cooking, shopping at Sephora, getting my hands dirty, playing with my boyfriend, and arguing (I'm a Ginny, what do you expect)Laughing.


Words to live by:

"My habits protect my life but they would assassinate you" Mark Twain

"The lust for comfort murders the passion of the soul" Kahil Gibran

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