Spotlight On: Robert Racine

robert racine 4Name:
Robert Racine

Date of Birth:

Angry desk monkey and former Mousketeer

Painting and writing, animation, all around nerdy stuff.

Why Strongman?
Because I was that fat kid with the comic books that wanted to be the Hulk or Captain America.

What do you like about competing?
Pushing myself to beat my best PR's. Finding just how far I can take myself.

Competition History:
I have been competing since 2003. 2 Pro-Am Comps. Recently Central Florida Strongman and Training Box Strongman.

Influences in this or Other Sports:
Ed Coan, used to watch him lift in Quads when I was a teen and knew nothing. The other guys I train with. We push each other and challenge each other to do better.

rob racineNext Competition:
Florida Strongman in Clearwater on January 22nd Favorite event: Stones...they are addicting

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