Odd Haugen's All American Strongman at the LA Fit Expo


A mix of 11 Pro and Amateur athletes are slated for the start line for the 2013 All American Strongman presented by GNC on Saturday January 19th, and 13 in the Met-Rx Visegrip Viking presented by GNC and IronMind on Sunday January 20. The Met-Rx Strongman Combat on Sunday January 21 will have 6-8 competitors depending on Saturday's result. In years past, Odd's kick off event of the year was also a qualifier for the Arnold Strongman Classic in Columbus Ohio at the beginning of every March.

This year as of this article, the event is not 100% verified to be a qualifier. Only 9 of the 10 posts at the Arnold have been filled, so it seems to many followers of strongman, that this is likely the scenario. Regardless, this stacked field of competitors are aiming to win the first big event of the season. All but two of the athletes aer American, the veteran Mark Felix from the UK and the showman Louis Phillipe Jean from Canada are the only exceptions.

Leading the pack of men is the 3rd place finisher and American Record Holder in the Log Press at America's Strongest Man in 2012, Big Robert Oberst. Below is the competitor list for both events. The inaugural Strongman Combat event list has not yet been released.

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All American Strongman

LP Jean (Canada)

David Ostlund (Minnesota)

Dan Harrison (California)

James Rude (Nevada)

Andrew Palmer (Washington)

Chad Smith (California)

Joel Dircks (Minnesota)

Nick Best (Nevada)

Mark Felix (United Kingdom)

Jerry Pritchard (Arizona)

Robert Oberst (California)

Visegrip Viking Challenge

Odd Haugen (California)

L.P. Jean (Canada)

Brandon Hall (Arizona)

Robert Oberst (California)

David Ostlund (Minnesota)

Michael Burke (Colorado)

Andrew Durniat (Ohio)

Jon Eklund (California)

John Machnik (California)

Chad Woodall

Joel Dircks (Minnesota)

Mark Felix (United Kingdom)

Jerry Pritchett (Arizona)

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