SCL Approaches $500,000 in Prize Money



Reviewing prize money paid out in the 2012 season, Strongman Champions League (SCL) appears to be in the range of nearly half a million dollars.

Serbian strongman Ervin Katona gets ready to start the Conan’s Wheel at the Iceman III, an SCL contest barely below the Arctic Circle in Kuusamo, Finland—a natural winter playground and the perfect setting for a winter strongman contest thought SCL cofounder Ilkka Kinnunen.  Showing another SCL innovation, Katona is wearing the orange shirt of the series leader.  IronMind® | Randall J. Strossen photo. 

This number is unofficial and could be somewhat on the high side, but it’s evident that the strongmen who are competing regularly and who are doing well on the SCL circuit actually are making money from their sport, as opposed to being professional strongmen in name only.

Since its launch, SCL has looked like a case of managed growth, with first the basic series being established and then expanded, along with additional events such as world championships, Guinness World Record attempts and game shows being added to the calendar.  

SCL has also continued to expand geographically, introducing strongman to more parts of the world and including local competitors as possible.  Along the way, sponsorships and TV exposure have grown, and it’s likely that more of the same is on its way.

IronMind does not have a firm date yet, but it is expected that the official 2013 SCL calendar will be released shortly— what will the biggest and richest series on strongman be unveiling for this year?


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