Kristin Poundstone Baby Journal: Half Way There!



So I’ve hit the half-way point… 20 weeks (technically 21 tomorrow, I count every minute!).  All the baby books and iPhone apps told me to celebrate… going out with my husband, getting a massage, etc. I celebrated by going to the gym and training arms and back.  I am celebrating the fact that I can still move around and be active!  There are women who are told they can’t exercise, not even walk and, in fact, some can’t even carry groceries in the house!  I don’t know what I would do with myself, so I feel blessed.

These last two weeks have been full of beautiful, gross, uncomfortable moments.  Let’s start with the ugly.  Ever start stretching your legs in bed after waking up and get a Charlie horse in your calf?  Yup, that crap is starting up.  There is nothing you can do but swear, make an ugly face and wait for it to be over.  My chiropractor said maybe I need to drink more water; I assure you that is not the case.  I drink at least 110 oz. a day and keep water by my bed at night. My pee is constantly clear, (actually every time I got to the doctor, I have to leave a pee sample and I am always so proud of how clear mine is compared to some of the other women’s who look like a dark beer). So muscle cramps are all part of the game! Yay!  

Stinky feet?  Oh my, I am talking like corn chip stinky.  I NEVER had an issue with foot odor.  I was prepping for my first Figure show in the summer doing endless cardio and never had an issue.  Now that I am pregnant, thanks to the hormones my feet are unbearable.  I once thought my foot odor was the bad garbage in the kitchen.  Thank goodness my mother came to the rescue and she got me this Baby Powder by Little Twig.  I put it on every morning before I put my socks on and it works!  It also helps to use thicker socks called “wicking” socks to keep your feet dry.  I use them occasionally but I like my thin hot neon colored socks.  

Oh, I graduatIMG 1701ed in the clothing department!  Up to a size extra large!  I usually wear medium size workout pants and small to medium tops…now I am in the extra large category. I try to act happy about that, it’s all mind over matter, right?  I actually found myself in the men’s department at Kohl’s shopping for T-shirts. I like the way men’s clothing fit better right now, which is why I have stolen my husband’s sweatpants.  

So, this is going to get a little personal but I need to share! I NEVER used to wear underwear when I worked out… always commando!  It’s just how I like it and I am comfortable.  Well, because my butt has nearly tripled in size, anytime I wear my underwear my butt just swallows them, even if I get bigger size undies.  And you can’t go commando when you’re pregnant. Let’s just say, during the day you are left with little surprises in your undies and it gets worse each week. Pretty soon you will need a liner. It’s totally normal and for the safety of the baby.  Look it up if you want more details!  

Another discomfort?  They call it “round ligament pain”.  Basically, period cramps times 10.  It’s like these evil little elves are in my lower abdomen pulling and tugging on my insides.  It’s my uterus growing, making room for baby.  So this is the month I might “POP”.   I finally caved in and bought a snoogle. It saved my life.  A snoogle is a candy cane shaped body pillow that allows you to conjure yourself however you feel comfortable. I usually stick it in between my legs and put my arm over it.  It helps with the weight of my growing belly and I sleep soundly now.  Only problem is my husband is starting to cuddle with it at night, so I told him to back off and when I was back to my normal size I’ll let him have it!  Even if you’re not pregnant and you like to sleep with lots of pillows…get this!  One more thing and then I will get to the pretty part of my pregnancy… my bath towels. Every time after I shower and put my towel around me it’s getting smaller and smaller. I almost feel like I am drying off with a hand towel.  Pretty soon I will have to pull the big boys out… my beach towels!  Not kidding.

So, I am making pregnancy seem pretty awful. It’s not all bad.  There are really awesome moments and there are actually times when you look at your body and see beauty… not many but they are there!  

The KICKS.  I am feeling my baby girl kick every day now… and it never gets old.  Oh, I wish I could really describe the feeling.  It’s different for everyone!  But my kicks feel like someone is gently flicking me with their finger, but from the inside.  I smile every time I feel them and I actually talk to my daughter saying that I feel her!  She kicks mostly when I am sitting down or in bed.  I am really active during the day with my job as a Phys. Ed teacher and then I train and walk after work.  The walking and moving around motion usually puts the babies to sleep, so when you are still, they are wired!  Makes sense, right? You go to bed to sleep and your kid keeps you up… hmmm I am sensing something here.  

Shopping is fun, especially for a girl.  Oh my, the stuff they have out these days. I could go broke in five minutes!  Remember the jelly shoes?  I used to get the neon ones. They gave me such bad blisters but they were worth it.  So they had them for little girls. Naturally, I had to get them!  So I started buying clothes and setting up the nursery.  The nursery is so much fun!  I am a little OCD, so it’s already painted, carpeted, crib set up and glider. I like to get things done a little at a time so I am not running around putting crap together a week before my due date! To each their own!

All in all, I think I am very fortunate so far in my pregnancy.  My baby is healthy (most impIMG 6024ortant), I am healthy, I can still go to work, walk every day, weight train and have a little bit of a social life still.  You just need to look at these types of things as new challenges and journeys.  Without all the good, bad and the ugly, life would be boring.  I like the rollercoaster ride; it keeps me on my toes!


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