Meet Ida Sefland, IFBB Pro Women’s Physique Competitor

1. Introduce yourself in a few sentences for the readers of Rx Muscle.

I am Ida Sefland, IFBB WP Pro competitor from Denmark. I am 28 years old and have been competing since 2010. I work as a personal trainer in my hometown and I give online consultations about diet and workout plans. I find it very important to promot1926837 10152041291698445 176152804 ne healthy lifestyle among people and I give my best to be a role model for a lot of young people.

2. This is your second year in Pro league. Where did you compete this year, so far?

This year I did five shows in a row to try myself out as a new Pro. I won my Pro card last year by taking the Overall at the Europeans Championship and knew I had to improve to make it in the Pro league. My first show this year was Mozolani Pro in Slovakia and then I went to the states and did Dallas Europa, NY Pro, Optimum Classic Shreveport and Toronto Pro.


3. A lot of competitions in such a short period. Is it hard to stick with the form and a diet for such a long period?

I have never done so many shows in a row before, so I did not know how my body would react. It was not hard to stick to the diet, just a little extra work with food prep. But all the traveling was stressful and I did have a hard time to recover and maintain a good condition and level of energy.

4. Besides that, it is not easy to train when you are traveling so much? How did you manage all that?

I did my best to research gyms around my next location and if there was no cardio equipment where I stayed, I would run outside. On travel days it was not possible for me to make two gym sessions, so I did a lot of posing upon arrival at the new location.

5. So far, are you satisfied w10410798 10152227719213445 952619827293719690 nith the results in 2014?

I am not 100% satisfied with the results until I win! But there is more to it than results as this point. I see all shows and experiences as an investment. It is not easy to win shows, so you have to be willing to work hard and make the improvements along the way. I am satisfied with my development and performance, and I am now one step closer to the results that I want. My time will come if I can continue to improve and work hard! :-)

6. What was your best show this year and why?

I am very happy about the Mozolani show, because it is the first WPD Pro show in Europe! It was so well organized and I could not ask for a better stay. Dallas was the show where I had my best personal performance; I was very happy about my effort and the outcome.


7. What are your plans for the future?

Right now I am planning the 2015 season. I am currently looking at the shows and planning which shows I would do and events I will appear in. This has to be coordinated with my sponsors; it is very important for me that I can live up to their expectations.

8. Is there anyone you would like to thanks for all the support during your preparations, travels and competitions?

I am blessed wDSC 5835ith the best sponsors… Better Bodies, LOADED and Le Rouge Event! Not only are they great sponsors, they are good friends, too! My "support team" helping me with contest prep, massage, nails, hair, accounting, food prep and posing – I value their help and depend on them in my prep!

Last but not least, my big rock Marcus, he is by my side 24/7 and is by far the hardest working person around me when I do shows!


9. Where can Rx Muscle readers see more about you or interact?

I love to interact with like-minded people and fans on my Facebook and Instagram.
Feel free to post me questions, too!



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