New IFBB Pro Romina Basualdo Reveals the Key to Success!

The bodybuil10487791 861518420529093 1973383020 nding world has always attracted both fans and competitors from all corners of the globe. As the sport has evolved over the past several decades and grown to include new divisions such as Fitness, Figure, Physique, and Bikini, the spirit of physical culture has expanded its reach even further, and popularity of the industry as a whole has never been greater.

Nowhere is the global expansion of bodybuilding more apparent than at large scale events that feature a diverse lineup of international competitors like the Arnold Classic and Arnold Amateur events.

One of the shining stars of the 2014 Arnold Amateur event came from the Class A Bikini Division as Argentina native Romina Basualdo wowed both fans and judges with her amazing display of beauty and muscularity on the way to winning her IFBB Pro Card. I recently had a chance to catch up with one of the Bikini division’s newest future stars, and you can read all of the details right here, in this Rx Muscle exclusive interview.

Q.) Before starting to compete in bikini, did you have a background in athletics?
A.) I was active, but not in athletics. I practiced gymnastics from ages 7-15.

Q.) It has been said that most forms of romina 2change come from some kind of crisis. Unfortunately, you suffered a tremendous loss that became the reason for your involvement in the sport. Can you tell us a little about how exercise and fitness helped transform your life?
A.) I started exercising following a great depression by medical suggestion, and my days slowly filled with energy, will to live, and to feel and look good. This happened in 2011. In 2012, I met my partner and coach Claudio in Haiti who saw me and asked me try to compete in Bikini and Fitness, and since then he has guided me. And in 2013 I began my career in this sport.

Q.) While you are in the early stages of your competitive career and have managed to make your mark on the international scene, in your opinion, what do you think are the keys to your success so far?
A.) The key to success is focusing on the objectives to which you want to reach, step by step, correct errors in order to improve in each presentation, as well as perseverance, dedication, and discipline.

Q.) You recently won your IFBB Pro card in your first international competition when you won the Class B division of the Arnold Amateur Bikini. Tell us how you felt when you heard the judges announce your name as the winner.
A.) It was at 20140616 111446first the feeling of awe and excitement at the same time. I could not believe it. It was very rewarding as they appointed me the winner, every minute added more happiness and euphoria, I felt I was living a dream. It was a combination of a dream I had imagined with the reality of what was happening.

Q.) When you're not on stage or in the gym you spend your time building your career as a fashion designer. Have your recent successes had some impact on your career in fashion?
A.) Yes, absolutely. After my competition and when I began to show my designs for bikinis I had many comments, besides increased inquiries and sales of others wearing my brand ROMINABASS as tops, leggings, mini shorts and shirts.

Q.) Is there someone you would like to thaRaw00419nk for helping you along the way?
A.) First, I’d like to thank my life partner, Claudio Hait, for being by my side and being my mentor. I would also like to thank my family, friends, and fans for all the support you give me every day.

Q.) If anyone wants to know more about you, or you contact for sponsorship opportunities, what is the best way for them to reach you?
A.) My email is the best way to contact me: [email protected]
They can also find me on Facebook: ROMINA BASUALDO Pereyra IFBB BIKINI
And on Twitter: @rominabasualdo

I want to thank you for the opportunity of this interview. Sending you a big hello from Argentina!


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