Now On Stage: Mike Davies: Diet Guru of The Week!

mdNow On Stage: Mike Davies: Diet Guru of The Week!
Name: Mike Davies
Date of birth:11/13/1965
Hometown:Columbus Ohio
Career: Personal Trainer 
Sports background: College football
What do you like best about being a diet coach? The ability to change peoples lives and thinking. 
Competition history:  Competed in bodybuilding for 19 years
What Cardio Type Would You Recommend for Fat Loss and or Pre Contest, High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T) or Low Intensity Steady State (L.I.S.S.)?
I incorporate both to obtain the look asked for the judging criteria based on what division you compete in. 
How do you diet your clients? Using the carb cycling approach, keto?
It is individualized based on their needs and their goals. I do everything based on digestion, timing and release of nutrients in the body and cooperation with the persons output
What is your protocol for filing out days prior to stepping onstage?
It is on an individulaized basis. I use several different techniques depending on the person and what is going on with their nutrition prior to competition days
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What is the most challenging aspect of dieting clients?
Them asking for your expertise and them taking what you recommend and changing it based on what they want. Those two things never end well and everyone telling your clients what they should be doing. 
What supplements do you reccommend the most to your clients?  I keep it very simplistic. I recommend multi vitamin and multi mineral the most. 
What is the oddest question you have ever been asked by a client?
Why when I eat cream of rice can’t I orgasm.  
Do you also provide training programs to clients? If so, how do you determine the best program for each individual?  Yes I provide training again it is based on need 
What formula do you use to determine how many macro nutrients to give each client?
I don’t 
Do you have clients manipulate water prior to getting onstage? If so how?
Yes some of them if needed. I never cut it out all the way. Generally I take it down in stages, but still and always will consume water the day of. 
What is the best way for potential clients to reach you?
[email protected] or thru my web site at www.mikedaviesfitness.com

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