2011 BvP #7 Lindenhurst, NY

Ann "Fitgirl" Titone at Bros vs Pros


I met Ann earlier this year, but really got to know her when we spent time together at and after the New York Pro. Ann's husband Jack and I had met at the Arnold earlier in the year. First impressions are not always my strong suit. Initially I wasn't impressed with who I thought Jack and Ann were, but when I got some one on one time with him, it became clear he is a bright, opinionated guy who wants the best for his wife. However, as is now blazingly clear to me, his wife clearly rules the roost.




The Showstopper

Some men are not the sum of their total parts. Each piece is made from a different experience encountered in that persons life. When I looked into the complicated and intriguing world of Ben White, it became clear he was undoubtedly, the sum of all of his parts.


Bros vs Pros 7. Summer Slam - 1: Breaking News


Breaking News:

In a last minute notification, IFBB Pro Amit Sapir has withdrawn from Precision Peptides’ Bros vs Pros 7: Deadlift Challenge due to take place on Sunday July 10th at All Natural Gym in Lindenhurst, NY. According to Sapir, he doesn’t want to risk his 202 Olympia Showdown chances by throwing his hat into the mano-a-mano deadlift war against a surging pack of hungry gym “bros”.




Bros vs Pros 7. Summer Slam - 1: The Rules

To ensure a fiar and balanced program, we have developed a set of rules so everyone knows what is expected of them as an athlete. Any questions or concerns about the rules, contact [email protected]



Precision Peptides Bros V Pros 7. Summer Slam - 1


Well, I'm bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, I'm nationwide...

The remainder of the 2011 Bros vs Pros season is now confirmed; we’re Nationwide Baby! We may not have gold teeth nor will we arrive at the events in a V8 Ford, but we’ll definitely have the same swagger Billy Gibbons had when he laid that track down. We have visited the state of New York several times in the past with tremendous success, but on July 10th we’ll be at a new location. Thanks to NPC bodybuilder Shawna Mendelson and Lou Darby, All Natural Gym in Lindenhurst, NY will be hosting a stellar event on SUNDAY JULY 10, 2011. Long Island is no doubt becoming the Mecca of strength athletes and by all the early responses; this will be our biggest event yet. With a new platform for the women’s competition to draw from an even larger pool of athletes, a familiar and wildly popular mens lift-off, and the addition of a big brutal Strongman event, Precision Peptides Bros vs Pros 7 is gonna be simply outrageous.


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