Ann "Fitgirl" Titone at Bros vs Pros


I met Ann earlier this year, but really got to know her when we spent time together at and after the New York Pro. Ann's husband Jack and I had met at the Arnold earlier in the year. First impressions are not always my strong suit. Initially I wasn't impressed with who I thought Jack and Ann were, but when I got some one on one time with him, it became clear he is a bright, opinionated guy who wants the best for his wife. However, as is now blazingly clear to me, his wife clearly rules the roost.

SallyAnne and I met Jack and Ann in Little Italy in New York City for an afternoon of exploring and dinner. Many of us are aware of what it's like to walk down the street and have people look or comment because of your size or shape. With Ann, it was fun watching people turn around as she wore a simple red dress, she was very tan and her physique was competition ready. This lady is a knockout.

Later, it became apparent what the consummate professional Ann is. We sat down to an outdoor meal on the sidewalk at one of 400 restaurants in the area. As I was scouring the menu I looked up and saw Ann pull out a baggy of swordfish, a plastic fork and she started eating it. I asked her, are you eating here as well? She said "...no, I have to get qualified for the Olympia in 4 weeks."   I love commitment.

Ann's physical fortitude started long before she ever even made it onto a treadmill or into the gym. While in high school, she worked in a sheet metal factory where she developed wrist, arm and shoulder strength from bending the sheet metal assisted by a press. However, fortune had a way of misgiving when she was involved a horrific car accident that had the professionals taking care of her convinced she would never walk again let alone, if she would come out of her coma.

Today, because of the amazing recovery Ann made, she trains and competes in what others with the use of one complete lung and her second being partially obstructed with scar tissue. She has an artificial hip with rods and pins in her femur. However, aside from all of that, she still trains at an incredibly high level. As evidence, she recently squatted 275lbs raw, for 15 reps while only weighing 125lbs.

Fitgirltitone” turned pro in 2009 after only competing for 2 years. She turned Pro at the 2009 Team Universe show after placing 2nd. This year Ann has worked hard to qualify for the Olympia. She placed 7th at the Orlando Europa this year out of 23, she placed a heartbreaking 4th at The Optimum Pro out of 22 ladies and finally got her redemption by placing 3rd at the Toronto Pro out of 20 ladies, which qualified her for the 2011 Olympia.

Remember, this is no longer a single event to contest. No massive Tazzie Colombs showing up and dominating. There will be $250 for each of the three events; ½ bodyweight deadlift for reps, pullups and ½ bodyweight bicep curls for reps. An additional $250 plus a HUGE gift certificate from Precision Peptides. With the advent of this new platform in Bros vs Pros, my money is on the Pro outlasting all of the other girls. Ann's overall body strength and cardiovascular conditioning will be tough to beat. Let alone her tenacity for overcoming obstacles.

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