Bros vs Pros 7. Summer Slam - 1: Breaking News


Breaking News:

In a last minute notification, IFBB Pro Amit Sapir has withdrawn from Precision Peptides’ Bros vs Pros 7: Deadlift Challenge due to take place on Sunday July 10th at All Natural Gym in Lindenhurst, NY. According to Sapir, he doesn’t want to risk his 202 Olympia Showdown chances by throwing his hat into the mano-a-mano deadlift war against a surging pack of hungry gym “bros”.

Taking his place will be entirely new concept in Bros vs Pros competition. Bros vs Pros 7 will feature, not 1, but 2 IFBB Pro Bodybuilders who will not only give all challengers a chance to compete for $2000 and prizes, but they’ll also square off head-to-head against each other to see who’s the strongest, most tenacious, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder out there.

“The Showstopper” Ben White, coming off a disappointing placing at the New York Pro and Toronto Super Show, will be stepping up his game for a little deadlift redemption. According to White, “I won the 2010 Tampa Pro after competing at the Bros vs Pros 4 Deadlift”; so maybe competing at this event will sway the bodybuilding gods in my favor?”

Not impressed by White’s lifting and theatrical antics is 46-year old IFBB Pro, Masters National Champion, and Long Island native son Dave Watson. He’s been pulling heavy iron off of gym floors for the last 30 years and he believes that he can close White’s mouth once and for all: “Let Ben talk all he wants; my body will do the talking come July 10th. He’s got no chance at beating me!”

Two questions remain: (1) can anyone out-pull our 2 IFBB Pros? (2) Who will be crowned “King of the Pros”?

Precision Peptides’ Bros vs Pros 7 will undoubtedly be the biggest, most well attended, highest participant event in Bros vs Pros history. On July 10th, you’ll be privy to watching two cagey IFBB Pros battling it out for deadlift superiority against a field of hungry gym “bros”, the lovely-yet-fiercely competitive IFBB Figure Pro Ann Titone taking on women from many different athletic backgrounds in a three-event competition, and, as a finale to the day’s events, ASC Pro Strongman Big Mike Jenkins challenging anyone with the balls to pull a 30,000lb fire truck over a timed course....rain, snow, sleet or shine!

As you can see, Precision Peptides Bros vs Pros 7 cannot and should not be missed!

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