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Withdevan pina 3 us today is Devan Pina. Congrats on a couple great showings on the MP stage!  What made you decide to compete in the Men’s Physique Division?

 -After suffering a motorcycle accident and undergoing surgery, I was told I may never be able to get into the military or police academy because of my injuries. I was also told specifically I would never be able to “Lift weights”… So that is exactly what I decided to do. I got a gym membership in October 2012, attended a bodybuilding show in November and began training in December.


Can you tell us a little about the show in which you most recently competed?

-My most recent show I competed in was USA Bodybuilding Championships in Las Vegas. The two weeks prior to USA’s I competed in both Miles Nuessle’s shows: The Terminator and Western Regionals.


How did you feel after pre-judging?

-It was an extremely tough 12 weeks so when the show came around, by pre-judging I knew I wasn’t dialed in and conditioned like I should be. However, I was pleased with first call outs.


How did you feel about the final results of the show?

-As usual the judges did very well in selecting the top five.  From there it was just left to critique minor imperfections. In the end, the results were hard to argue with.


What are your thoughts on the Men's Physique Division and what it may be able to do for your career?

-Men’s Physique is growing exponentially.  As I continue to compete, I as a personal trainer, am better able to help others reach their individual goals and success in bodybuilding 


Age: 23




Current city:Tucson


Years training: 1year and 2months


Education: Criminal Justice


Occupation: Trainer/Small Business Owner


Favorite type of training: Old School free weights


Favorite body part to train: Legs and back, It’s a love, hate relationship


Favorite exercise: Good ole’ Dead Lifts and to be honest, cable flies.


Rep range: All over the board! It varies but typically 8-12


Number of sets: This one to depends on the workout and sometimes even the week, but I try to keep it right around four.


Typical workout duration: Go balls out and train hard for only about an hour and a half tops.

 Devan Pina 2

Training split:







Typical daily eating plan: Lots of meat, eggs, and oatmeal.


Favorite supplement: Protein


What peaked your interest in training?

-My Girlfriend Leah Galbraith began as a bikini competitor and ultimately got me into and supported me and got me to where I am now.


Who influences/influenced your training?

-Their really has only been a few, My Dad, My first trainer Patricia Gonzalez, and Leah Galbraith


Sports: I played rugby, and ran track in college.


Special interests: My Son/Family. The Biggest things in life!


Awards and/or accomplishments:

-I got 1st place in my first ever show and fourth in my second.


Next planned competition:

Natural Western- Miles Nuessle- March 22, 23, 2013


What keeps you on track towards reaching your goals?

-A passion for the sport, a dedication to my body, and Leah, and My Family.


Interesting fact or something you would like our readers to know about you:

-I operate a Pool Service and Repair Company with my Dad and I plan on becoming a police officer.


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