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Now in my second season as an IFBB Bikini Pro, I wanted to start sharing more tips and tricks I have learned as a pro. This video was inspired by my absolute distaste for fish. Well, stinky smelly fish like tilapia and tuna. I cannot stand tilapia and refuse to eat it. I feel like I am engulfing a foot when I do. So after much research, I figured I would settle for tuna, if I could get it down that is. I like tuna because it is lean, clean and oh so mean with protein. But the smell...... total turn off for me. Because I NEED my protein and I won’t eat chicken or turkey, I had to devise a way to get the tuna from my can and into my tummy. Being that I like spicy foods and anything with tart and tang, I said to myself “How about horseradish? Lemon? Or mustard? Those are things that will surely overpower tuna!” I was right! It took me a few times to get the flavors right, and truly you can add as little or as much as your palette calls for, but be sure to watch your sodium, fat and caloric intake. Here is the recipe:


Lite canned Tuna in water, no salt added

Fine Chopped Red Onion (white or green are fine too!)

Fine Chopped Celery

Black Pepper

Mustard (your preference, I use Grey Poupon)

Fat Free Mayo

Horseradish (make sure it’s not a prepared sauce. In my video I call it sauce, but it’s actually cream style horseradish, it does not have anything but vinegar added to it. Sauces are usually high in calories and fats)

Lemon Juice (or lime if you prefer)

Remember this is a strong flavored food so taste buds beware!



When nearing peak week and your water cutting phase, start cutting the amounts of salt based ingredients: such as, mustard and mayo.

Wash tuna in a strainer to remove some of the STANK, squeeze with your hand to remove excess water. This prevents the tuna from staying drippy and stinky

When you store the tuna, be safe with a 3-4 day shelf life, unless it’s frozen. The lemon helps preserve it a bit in the fridge, but make sure to date your food regardless.

Roll the tuna up tight in the zip bag so that air space is reduced, thus preventing degradation of your food.



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